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11 Trillion Slump

Fake valuations…delusional forecasts, greed. Marcelo Marini, typing today from Figueira Beach, Brazil. Last week we decided to spend some time at the beach… figuring out what will be the end of this history to be seen as a catastrophe that unfolds…unveils..reveals. 11 Trillion dollars in stock shares had been slumped in May. Which 11 trillion dollars from fake valuations? Sky-high…delusional forecasts and greed?  Money flows from the poor to the well-informed. To their benefit, financial

A new economic disaster

Brazil’s Central Bank now prints R$200 bills…soon what? Marcelo Marini typing today from Office. When I was a child, I used to buy snacks for a quarter. Now I don’t think my nephew could buy it for less than two bucks. So we saw food, car, trucks, homes, and even farmland prices increase enormously in less than twenty years. ATM: I withdraw hundreds of bills on a recent Cancun trip with no real value… I

The government spends…

Economic policies, inflation, the credit bubble makers… Marcelo Marini typing today from Southern Brazil. Two days ago, trucks were moving down to Rio Grande Port to export soybean to China; this time, they were returning to the farm unloaded… as we see the end of a good but not great production season here. Unlike politicians, farmers need to pay for their meals and ours beforehand. Brave farmers! They truly deserve a standing ovation. Lots of

Truth has a feeling…

Inflation and the stock meltdown Marcelo Marini typing from southern Brazil, Alright, nothing seems more accurate than the feeling of the truth. Truth has a feeling… And there’s a feeling of truth in the air. As we see inflation and the stock meltdown, we feel that something is going wrong, and maybe that doesn’t depend so much on us. Yesterday’s transit was chaotic, and inflation was tremendous. Usually, we know how to deal with the

The whole economy missed the point.

Hiking a collapse. Marcelo Marini is unsatisfied with Southern Brazil. We arrived near midday; the sun was beautiful, the green was fantastic, mountains and a feeling of hiking. However, it’s a particular place in Brazil where people don’t invest in tourism like most of the not trendy places in the country; that’s why we don’t know how to start. Do we need a map? In the meantime, we crossed thousand of trucks, those same trucks

The end of the economy

I think a recession, at this stage, is almost inevitable. The probability of a recession in 2023 is undoubtedly very, very high because of the challenges of getting this roaring inflation under control and having so few tools to control the supply side of the economy. Said by Former Fed Gov. Roger Ferguson Some Ultra-Wealth European families are shifting from money to gold. And gold is hitting its highest price in the modern era…  Still,…...

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Top Well-Run Companies. 

What can we learn from that? When looking for a well-managed business, this could help. Dear reader, Learn with failure, learn with others, learn with yourself, and never stop learning. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. What can you learn from this Best Well-Managed Business Report by Peter Ducker? While many people think of short-term results, we like to see businesses as solid institutions that do…...

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Ok, Elon Musk bought Twitter. Here are our 5 minutes thoughts.

Here are a few challenges we think of he’s going to get. We think that the most challenging change that can occur in a company is cultural change. That’s why many familiar companies are privately held. Then, when they become public companies, executives, investors, and outsiders can split the company. There’s no right or wrong. Families run businesses. Entrepreneurs run a business as well. Professional run business as well.  Jack Dorsey is an entrepreneur focused

What’s Netflix doing?

Inside the new and old economy. Translate text.  Clique para ler em português. The whole economy is changing, and we think that some businesses could focus on the new economy. In this article, we discuss remembering our member-only episode in late 2020, where we had anticipated Netflix subscribers lost and how the company can help its subscribers be part of the new economy. What’s Netflix doing? It’s not my particular interest. But it should be…...

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