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Money, Illusions and the New Year resolutions

A lot is going on, and we need to catch up. People’s madness is still the same, economy, making money fast, trying to understand the non-understandable, buying and selling frenzy, crypto’s and the like. To industries, materials impact costs; inflation is scaring the old and not-so for the young. Life

Savvy investor short secret

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. As an investor, it is never too late to invest in high-quality businesses, preferably those that invest in themselves regardless of the market environment. It will make its investors benefit from their earnings growth. Stick with the right stocks for the long run is more beneficial

How to Choose a Brokerage Firm

FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL. Dear subscriber, Welcome to this Factual’s Specials Series of Learning to Invest. In the last episode, we taught you how to open a brokerage account; some of you asked us how to CHOOSE the best brokerage firm to invest in stocks. So, let’s hold the How to Invest

How not to lose money

Dear student, One day I hope that you will discover the best practices about How to make money. You can work for someone else, open a business, find a partner or learn to invest. Everyone can learn how to make money, but you should start by not losing it. The

Listen to the basics

Children get exposed to wants more than needs before the age of 7. At the age of 7, they start to develop emotions, and from 7 to 14, they will be lovely or mad depending on the internal value of the influences around them. By the age of 14, they

Why You Are Mistaken About Money

Dear reader, Today let’s talk about why you are mistaken about money and investing. Generally, the average investor trusts financial institutions and financial specialists, professionals, and “knowledgeable” professionals because they overset expectations about them. They think that they can trust someone else’s opinion; in some cases, it’s true, but not

Bitcoin: From Nickels to Accumulating Zeros, but now?

Editors Note: Link to receive Marcelo’s special offer on Bitcoin Future. Hi, Marcelo here. Dear reader, I decided to show you some performances that I had in Crypto differently. I can show you great performances in few days and some accumulated returns. No one did it best than us. And

Investor Fail. Number 1: Mindset.

New York – Many investors fail to recognize that they invest so much time reading the news. Never copy a portfolio. Most investors think that someone else’s investments are better than theirs; that’s why every average investor is looking for new ideas daily or try to model other’s portfolios, which

The Right Mentality

New York – There’s no better way to learn fast than talking to your customers, getting on the street, talking to people, and understanding things, even for an investor. There’s no better way to understand the news about COVID-19 related to airlines than to get in the airport and fly;


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Factual Money will point out the average investor and businessman mistakes and how to escape the market's illusions to live a more prosperous life.

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Factual Money will point out the average investor and businessman mistakes and how to escape the market's illusions to live a more prosperous life.