11 Trillion Slump

Fake valuations…delusional forecasts, greed.

Marcelo Marini, typing today from Figueira Beach, Brazil.

Last week we decided to spend some time at the beach… figuring out what will be the end of this history to be seen as a catastrophe that unfolds…unveils..reveals.

11 Trillion dollars in stock shares had been slumped in May. Which 11 trillion dollars from fake valuations? Sky-high…delusional forecasts and greed? 

Money flows from the poor to the well-informed. To their benefit, financial institutions create delusions to profit from.

A unique scenario of inflation, economic unproductivity, debt, social disorder, and a pandemic.

Willing to be safer, wiser, and savvy, as reported two weeks ago. Some wealthy European families decided to buy gold and… crypto; then what’s next? Is there any other way of protecting your wealth? sure but… 

Not Luna.

We’ve seen many emperors try to rule the world by its own rules. The ruler gets smashed… it’s a global tendency; no individual power can be more significant than the power of its members.

Still, influenced by the news, specialists, PH.Ds, they tried:

…short Bitcoin…

…stable coins…

…shift from money to crypto?

…overcome a pandemia…

…revert to an economic disaster…

Too late.

Not over… still computing…

Marcelo Marini

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