Average Investor Mistakes and the Right Path to Factual Investing.

March 29th, 2021 – Factual Daily PRO – Issue 0101– Year 3 – Factual Manhattan L.L.C. – Author: Marcelo Marini

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Everything we deny will destroy us, it’s a matter of how you choose to live your life.

It’s your life and your own choices.

When you realize that people that can’t make this transition because they like what they are having. I just can’t leave with it.

The earth is vast and your mind should too, don’t get narrow minded by looking to the limits, instead, as Michael Jordan said, “they are often an illusion”.

Join the facts life, start with a reliable method.

It’s advisable to follow a path while living in an open space for your organic insights.

That’s the first mistake the average investor makes, lack of method, instead they prefer to be gamblers of their own future, going back and forth with lack of discipline.

First you should at least break even your personal finances by spending less than your income, on your professional side it can be different, meanwhile the greater the technique the better the technician needs to be to handle different problems, so keep it simple and your investment journey should be a joy not a nightmare of endless thoughts.

What happens with the person that follows a method? Tomorrow here on Factual Daily PRO, keep it up.


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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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