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Last week we had an introduction to my own way of investing, what came up to be the Factual Investing System.

Factual Investing System

Success is a matter of many small things that gives you bigger results in a period of time. It can be having more time, more healthy, more happiness, more wealth or anything that you want. Success is not measured by money but by one activating the results he wants.

As most of our readers are investors or are willing to invest. It’s part of our journey to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Many times investors think that the way of getting results is investing in the stock market, which I disagree with.

You can repeat the same error enough times until you reach the tipping point and start being a businessman with the mind of an investor.

When I say businessman I mean the owner. When I say investor I mean the self money allocator or the financial decisor.

Today and in the next 3 days we’ll cover 4 principels of investing. Enough.

Day 1:

Getting into the financials.

Many of the businessmen don’t understand their own finances and yet many mix the personal and professional money.

The results can lead many aspiring businessmen to mediocrity.

But there’s a way of liberating this anomaly and achieving a much greater view of finances, which is, understanding finances.

As I like to say, finances is the one of few skills that you’re certainly going to need developing during life, so why not learn before you need it?

Learning before you need it.

Here’s some of the most fundamental topics you need to be financially educated to be a very successful businessman and investor.


  1. Understand credit, economics and debt.
  2. Understand good debt.
  3. Understand cash flow.
  4. Understand labor costs and tax risks.
  5. Understand the investment decision.

Think as a Financial Decision Maker

Once you work on understanding these 5 keys to think like a very unique businessman and investor you’ll be able to see further in any aspect of life, even regarding the decision making of your social interactions, family, work and life. You’ll be able to don’t be fooled by TV, news and the popular mind. It’s just a step from being able to TAKE FACTUAL DECISIONS that can lead you to a more prosperous life.

Tomorrow we’ll cover the main statistics any top businessman or investor needs to interiorize to invest like a PRO.

Stay tuned. Stay ahead.

Marcelo Marini

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