Agro Normalization


I’m praying for rain in California.

– Dean Martin’s song: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me.

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Marcelo Marini’s New Insights on this newsletter:

  • Economy Disaster (unfolding);
  • Next Bovespa Trend;
  • Agro Normalization;
  • Dollar/BRL Trend.Source: Agrolink.

Here are some dots we seem to have connected.

  • Dollar appreciation over the Brazilian Real;
  • Great Fortune’s Secrets (Intelligent Investor);
  • Gold trend;
  • Silver trend;
  • Bitcoin trend;
  • Tech stocks trend;
  • Alternative food trends;
  • COVID recovering time;
  • Stockmarket meltdown;
  • Crypto’s fall-out;
  • Economic Disaster (unfolding);
  • Agro normalization (unfolding);

Jun/2022, we have updated some dots we may have connected in the past. Now see what your author has to say now.

  • Economic Disaster/2021 (unfolding): Now it’s more apparent than when we first wrote what’s happening.
  • Agro normalization/2022 (unfolding): Soy and dollar prices greatly influence Brazil’s market. We saw it coming.Source: Agrolink
  • BOVESPA trend (unfolding);
  • Dollar trend;

…So the grapes can grow and they can make more wine. 
– Dean Martin’s song: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me.


Marcelo Marini

P.S.: Prezados assinantes brasileiros, ouçam o Áudio em Português.

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