Ai surpassed most workers

It is only a matter of time before the job market changes completely.

AI has already surpassed most of the world’s population. Companies will begin searching for and hiring AI managers urgently. It is only a matter of time before the job market changes completely.

The day-to-day life will change completely.

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In my last 15 years, I have managed more than 400 people… most of them won’t be able to deal with the next 5 years of business.

It doesn’t matter what position you are in now… in the next 5 years, your work will change based on what AI brings.

It has already surpassed most workers…

Today it takes a few minutes to deliver days or weeks of work of an average worker.

Most of today’s workers and business owners won’t be able to deal with AI, it’s going to be like computers, some go for it, some don’t… the people who don’t learn to use it well will be earning less. No doubt.

The companies that do not have it, will have less profit than the competitors.

Yes, NVIDIA has grown immensely… the question is what are the next companies to grow?

Are you a manager? business owner? leader? Are you ready to manage people and robots? Have you started automating your business creating a massive profit impact and bringing efficiency, innovation, technology, and standardization to your company?

How do listed companies that adopt this strategy perform?

Think wisely. Act right.

More coming.

Marcelo Marini

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