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The ultimate AI company named A.I. Apple Intelligence… A.I., Apple Intelligence… A.I. Apple’s nickname. Or it is more than that?

Apple’s Business Intelligence that may be missing in your own business…

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Dear Member,

Many investors and business owners make the same error of scarcity thinking. 

Apple has grown over 320% in the last 5 years. It’s all about products, satisfaction, and a business and financial structure that creates value…

In this period many people bought and sold the company’s shares… Warren Buffett kept adding it to his portfolio most of the time.

He often says:

“I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am no investor.” – Warren Buffett

The great man of little Omaha has studied business and corporate finance, as this author, but he prefers to recognize Dale Carnegie for his success, so as this author. 

Although it’s all a mere coincidence… it’s not a coincidence that we also suggest people be business-wise, not mere investors in search of profitability.

Profitability is what you get by managing or investing in a great business that generates value. As I like to say, Great Business, Great companies, Solid finances.

If business people invest the time they invest reading the news in learning business and finances they will be much better… broadly speaking.

Apple had an all-time high, the developer’s conference, and the news about Apple Intelligence. Then a colleague of ours sent a message… he said he had just sold Apple shares… he said it indicated “sale” somewhere…in some system he follows.

We don’t know… what better system than your own good judgment? Independent Thinking? Certainly not…

We just imagine how many times over in this 320% up this “systems” indicated buy and sell. To generate commissions… not huge profits to OWNERS.

In our view, Apple is the ultimate AI company… Apple itself doesn’t want to launch a product named Apple AI… because Apple is AI. It’s one of the first companies to show us the potential of AI. It’s not leading AI developments, it’s creating tools for the broader use of very intelligent tools, like AI…

The ultimate AI company, named A.I., Apple Intelligence… A.I., Apple Intelligence… A.I. Apple’s nickname.

It’s in its veins.

It makes this author think…is this a sign of what they will be in the future? Then Apple could be an option for AI exposition… why isn’t it already? 

Nobody thought of Apple as an AI company, Apple changed, it was computers, then software, then, a brand like Coca-Cola, and now it’s Tech but it’s also consumer-oriented, it’s also future-oriented… it’s just Apple, where great minds get together to offer cutting-edge tools to enhance human potential. It’s not just AI it’s much more.

This author wants to aggregate more value to their reader so here are mainly two common errors investors and business owners have:

They don’t think they need to learn about business to invest. They think they already know, so they feel able to invest. Although investing is not investing… investing is business. You have to UNDERSTAND HOW BUSINESS AND FINANCES REALLY WORK, not investing… That’s what we believe. Not at buy and sell signs…

They think today is equal to tomorrow. They are never ready for a crisis. Not being able to think as a portfolio manager. If you know how to measure your exposition to control your risk, you can invest in whatever you want. 

This is not just for investors… for business owners, generally over in debt, looking for an outside opportunity… the opportunity is in this newsletter, if you read it over and understand you can transform your business and family wealth for generations with long-term value-oriented decisions.

We don’t want you to buy or sell, we want you to learn so you can buy or sell when you want, not when messages appear on your screen.

Keep improving your game.


Marcelo Marini

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