Avoid Comfort

Marcelo Marini, typing from Frankfurt, Germany.

Buildings in Frankfurt by the Author.

Living in London can be kite-challenging. Italy… also… The Gas and inflation-increasing prices are making home renters move elsewhere…even with their parents once again…

For the parents, one crucial thing to remember is that your son is not yours. If parents understand this point they will not harm their children’s future.

Children find it safe to live with their parents, homes used to be more spacious, clothes cleaned faster and food is delicious, why?

Because fathers are experts in the field? Why do some adult children prefer not to never leave home?

They are experts in the art of living at the cost of others.

The art of living 

While some people learn it once, others prefer to learn forever.

Imagine Ms. Smith applying for the driving school. She takes all the lessons, reviews the book, and never gets to drive a car.

She could imagine herself being an excellent driver, will she?

We don’t know…

Some people act like Ms. Smith.. they know it all, but don’t wash her clothes.

Let’s assume Ms. Smith now gets to drive a car, she does it well and finally gets her license to drive… Finally, Ms. Smith’s family is delighted with the achievement. However, will Miss Smith be a good driver?


Who excels in life?

The person who excels in life is not the person who goes to courses and takes licenses, and diplomas.

What makes a good father is not the number of children or where they applied to school. Nether where or what school…

A person who excels in life holds not a diploma but the right temperament to do the things they want to accomplish.

A person can be a huge success in the art of living if he is willing to keep learning how to live. That is to say, take action and keep walking as the old whiskey propaganda used to say.

Repetition is what makes fathers great fathers, delicious meals and a clean home.

Repetition can also lead you to be a bad father, son, or anything.

Repetition is the only thing along with the right temperament that will turn Ms. Smith into a great driver. If she wants and is willing to pay the price.

Repetition of great management skills. It is what makes good institutions survive the business endeavors.

Repetition is learning to live with an open mind.

Great people know what they want and accomplish it.

Avoiding Comfort

If things change, you need to change as well, be adaptative to new ways, and always be willing to excel better than yesterday.

Day-by-day driving will give Ms. Smith the favor of experiencing all the ups and downs and finally being the real driver, not books, not schools, but learning to live.

Foremost, the people who are examples to us, are the people who perform simple needed habits daily. They became great by avoiding comfort.

The problem is when people think they are something they don’t do.

What about Germany’s latest news? 

Stay tuned.

More coming.

Marcelo Marini.

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