In case you want it…

Wealth-creation, financial reserves, navigating challenges with ease. Today, we delve into the art of wealth creation, a journey that demands a unique mindset. The secret to sustained wealth lies not in the size of one's bank account, but in the power of one's thinking. When your earnings start to accumulate, knowing where to channel these... Read more

Wealth is in your thoughts

Most people sell their lives for money. They work so hard that they lose their health. The problem is not work, but how you feel at work. That question alone can change the way you see your work forever. Then later in life they get sane and finally think… oh, that wasn’t rational… If you... Read more

How we look at the situation…

The world economy is currently…  If you look at the markets you can get mixed sentiments…  If you look at the news you can be somehow “limited”.  …especially if you don’t know how business and the financial world really work to understand what’s happening... Not just that but what not to look at the economy…... Read more

Illuminates the Thoughts

Thinking wisely is something we don’t learn at school, business, or even university. Eventually, we came across commentaries on finance, markets, and life that are somehow “limited”. Independent thinking illuminates the thoughts for the dear reader… Take the following examples: Finances: What’s the financial problem you are currently facing? Markets: The economy is doing badly,... Read more

Contagious Thinking

Contagious thinking is when you don’t think but get influenced to act in a certain way. The more you are exposed to the news and circumstances the higher the possibility of getting contagious thoughts.  Contagious thinking is not independent thinking. It brings a lack of wisdom, health, money, and sanity. The more you think for... Read more


A broken mindset and it’s over… You are a subject of the mind. Why that? In the news all that is wrong… if you get attached to it you become a slave… A mental slave who reflects other’s ideas, not yours. Repeat other’s ideas and opinions, not yours… Day and night it’s the same game,... Read more

The Only 3 Ways to Wealth

Dear subscriber, As mentioned last week, there are only 3 ways of wealth. Yesterday we told you that we were about to reveal it (subscribers-only)… Here we are detailing the Blueprint, what they are, and the steps necessary to achieve it in precise detail. If you are not happier and richer then you are doing... Read more