Distraction is an obstacle.

Too much is too much.

Historically, many people have tried to chase, pursue, and follow its path.

The more you chase it, the more you get dizzy and frustrated… if you can’t see it with your eyes…

Like the markets, it seems a moving obstacle that can’t be reached easily. It seems that it moves every time you set a new goal…

Now, you are just a few steps from getting it…

But distractions are blocking your vision!

Life is efficient. Why load extra stuff?

Extra work, extra news, social media, television, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, certificates…

It’s all propaganda moving money from your pocket to theirs.

Many people buy a new home just because they see it. The same way they buy a new car they were not looking for… Just because propaganda gains control over your mind, the more you put your mind in this frenzy! 

Too much is too much!

New clothes, phones, it seems you are getting wealthier but are just getting on expenses you were not intended to have! Not you have it, and you are not liquid. That means you are not open to money opportunities. You need to make it grow. Compound over time. Make the wheel of money work for you!

Distractions are everywhere on your way to prosperity and a good life.

To deal with distraction, you must know what you want and stop looking around.

When you avoid distractions, it means you are focused. You know where you want and how you go. You have a vision, a project, and a master plan, and you pursue it.

When you avoid distractions, you open up to what you want.

You don’t need to do what somebody else’s is doing. 

You focus on what you want.

Prosperity is always there for you, but you have hidden from it. In the middle of the mind’s clouds, the fog, where you can look but can’t see.

Get rid of it.

Only you can avoid distractions if you focus on your dreams and goals.

Then you will find joy, passion, and new opportunities.

Freedom and independence.

A solid path to creating your wealth your way.

Coming up this week: The main piece of a puzzle called wealth-building creation.

Wealth Mastery will soon be available to you!

Stay tuned.

Marcelo Marini

P.S.: Special limited-time opportunity.

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Live the life you want.

Wealth Mastery 101. Your Master plan step by step to solid wealth building. Special series: The seven steps to mastering solid wealth-building. You must have a Master Plan that will lead you to solid wealth-building. Note that first, you need to understand your priorities in a materialist way, so you shall write them down. You must...

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Wealth Mastery

A Master plan, step by step, to Master your Wealth. Over the following days, I will share exclusive insights that can close the gap between your financial and wealth life. Many of you may think… it’s not for you, and I respect that. Not everyone is ready for it. Stop going back and forth. Wealth...

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Project X Master Plan

You will need to invert the wheel.

Don’t have projects not linked to a master plan.

Projects must be a part of a master plan.

When you think of your finances, put together a master plan, write down your goals (used to be dreams), objectives (weekly activable things), and a daily task (white paper with insights and priorities).

Everybody can get richer.

Systematically you will progress to accomplish your tasks, objectives, goals, and dreams.

It takes effort, but if you don’t, you will get dizzy with lots of work on your desk, calls, messages, stuff, and little time to live your dreams.

You will need to invert the wheel.

It takes courage to invert the will; however, when you achieve your goals, the goals you wrote down on paper, you will express your realization in doing your work! Then you go over your tasks again and reach the next level, progressively, with consistency and realization.

It needs a project to have a plan, and you’ll need a master plan to know which project you will work on next.

Do the work. It’s worth it.

You won’t regret it.

The way to wealth-building has a step-by-step process, from one project to the next, as our methodology will show.

That’s how big buildings are built.

That’s how big cities are built.

A master plan for your success.

What’s the project you are working on?

Have you set up a master plan for your future? Let us know.

Stay tuned.


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Dreams and Goals.

Stop wondering… get results.

Over my lifetime, I have seen people struggling to do things differently.

A long time ago, I went from public to private schools. The same school where I gain a scholarship to play basketball.

At that time, I was a C student, then I changed schools and decided that my scores were miserable. I would never succeed in life’s competitive world if I kept that same scores. I wasn’t feeling good about myself. If I couldn’t pass exams, I would need to be back at the other school.

I needed to change my life to know I was responsible for my results.

It was tough.

I’ve learned that I could change my results by focusing my attention on what I want to achieve. As simple as that.

People try to change their diet and habits and give up.

They believe they need somebody else, a teacher, or an external thing to achieve their desired results.

Many are just vaguely wishing… 

But some serious people give up.

The whole point changes when you decide to take responsibility for your actions.

It’s no one’s fault.

Learn to train your brain to accomplish your dreams by transforming dreams into goals.

Many people struggle to live life with fulfillment.

To accomplish your dreams, you have to transform dreams into goals.

Set up clear objectives and tasks.

Keep track of your performance and grow.

I know it doesn’t sound romantic to achieve this level of commitment to accomplish an objective.

Many books and people inspire us to dream vaguely and wonder, and we all love wondering about futures and imagining ourselves in different scenarios and experiences.

But, if you don’t train your brain, your life becomes a mess…

The risk happens to be wondering for a distant future instead of transforming your dreams into goals and focusing on what you have to do.

They end up not achieving what they were up to.

To be more assertive, we strongly recommend you write down your dreams and transform them into monthly goals, set weekly objectives, and daily tasks to achieve the life of your dreams conceivably.

Be objective. Fight for the life you love.

Dare to live life as you most intimately wish, move things to transform knowledge into intelligence, chaos into harmony, and vagueness into focus, and you will get it.

Later in my life, when graduating from College, my friends gave me a picture where it was written. If it’s up to be. It’s up to me. In the photo, a basketball hoop, a ball, and some hands fight for a score… Ball in? Ball out?

It’s up to you.

That same picture would be hanging on my room’s wall for years as a reminder.

If it’s up to be. It’s up to me.

It’s up to you.

Stay focused.

More coming.

Marcelo Marini

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Everyone can live a more prosperous life.

The I’m too…old, poor… mentality stucks you.

Achieving successful living is about taking action to live the life you want.

Live the life you love. Love the life you live.

It’s simple but not easy for most people.

They prefer to be stuck in the past, worrying and complaining.

The I’m too…old, poor… mentality.

But what if you could change it?

Most people complain because they put their time and energy into obeying their memories, past, worries, and nightmares. As a result, many choose to live a nightmare day in and day out. They love it so much that they can’t get rid of it.

Change when you are ready is in a heartbeat; ultimately, it’s a choice.

Everyone lives his past choices. We are a sum of our thoughts, actions, and many more complex things that don’t worth our time overthinking.

Overthinking is regrating life’s abundant opportunities that lie moment after moment.

To be more prosperous, you must be mentally sure of what you want and deserve.

Everyone can live a more prosperous life by following my method.

Stay tuned.

Keep following the path,


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Reach the top

There are a few ways of leveraging your finances.

Long-term investment in the stock market is one of the easiest.

You’ll need to invest in undervalued stocks, preferably in quality stocks, and either hold or reinvest monthly.

The waiting does much of the work if you follow the concepts.

One great benefit of wealth in stocks is its liquid, which means you can sell your stocks and convert them to cash.

If you do it diligently, you’ll become a better entrepreneur, investor, decision-maker, and wealthier person.

Learners become winners.

Continue learning.

The choice is yours.

Think wisely, and act right.

Keep following the path.

Marcelo Marini

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Life is a gift!

Goooood morning!

Out of drama, folks!

This is an absurd lifestyle!

If you live this way for 30 days, I believe you will triple your performance.

Today I woke up at 5:30 am, no alarm, just birds singing some song… was it Guns N Roses’s Patience? Mozart? I could not get it…

But! I realize it was a gift. Every day is a gift! To be alive is a great gift!

Do you realize where a positive mind can go?

Shower time.





I wrote my daily notes.

I got to the gym and ran!

I bought fruits and vegetables that are an essential part of my diet.

Things to know:

You got to check boxes! Transform your hobby in the way you live your life!

I developed my morning routine, diet, note-keeping, work, and night preparations. It’s stunning! When you change your attitude, change your life! 

We keep up the infinite prosperity cycles by sharing them with our students.

We love teaching our way of life! What a great life!

We don’t want to be productive. We want to be more efficient. We want to live the gift!

Life is a gift, and I keep listening to birds! Certainly, it’s another special day to be alive.

Keep following the path.


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White Paper

Consistency builds astounding results. We had a wonderful sunny day here in the southern hemisphere, full of energy:  Sunbath, gym, running, meditation, energy, yoga, listening to a new audiobook, writing my Dairy, lots of fun… just before work. It all started with a notebook, a pen, and the title “White Paper.” It evolved to the...

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Much stupidity

Speed living. Speed working. Speed everything…

View from the coast.

Much stupidity. People don’t want to learn. They just react…

You can live the life you want. You can conquer your dreams. You can change things, you can change your options, and you can change life itself.

Life can be much broader, once you discover one simple fact, and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. – Steve Jobs

Speed living. Speed working. Speed everything…wrong act!

Living in someone’s shadow is the primary option for human beings. But unfortunately, they were born with the wrong program.

It is as if their family programmed them to be poor because they programmed them to live by their means, not to be free, independent, and wealthy.

Most people don’t think. They just react to what they have already learned. Life for them can be an infinite groundhog day.

So now it’s time for our society to wake up the giant soul, to think by themselves, to quiet down their nervousness, to connect and concentrate on what they want and change it.

No matter what.

Never settle,


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What would you do?

Good morning everyone, Improving life is simple. Just get rid of the bad habits. Okay, which habits are not good? Then we come to self-knowledge, the perception of the senses, life itself, and the why. Especially the observation of oneself. Looking at yourself as an observer, what habits do I cultivate? which ones are automated?...

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The best is yet to come.

Good morning friends, This week we start a new series of Podcast episodes. Below are some feedbacks from you. -Man, it was very good! -Much better that way. We used to start Saturday mornings together for years, do you remember? So it was a pleasure to write to you every Saturday bringing new points of...

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Now it’s with you.

Now it’s with you. What do you want to buy later this year? Where do you want to travel in 2023? What do you want to give to your family soon? What’s your bright vision for the present future? Over the last three messages I wrote specially to you, we hope you realize that you...

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Connect the dots.

Sometimes life gives you a mystery, and you must work it out. Yesterday we went to 3 stunning beaches, had lunch in Portuguese Cuisine, Had coffee in one of the most growing places to buy properties, and got home without traffic. To celebrate my birthday, we went to the see. I tell you what I...

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Never settle

The best part of doing what I do… is that I can do it wherever I want, whenever I want, and with whoever I want. You can have a business.You can manage multiple companies.You can travel the world.You can invest.You can lead your field.You can live with lifestyle.You can work out and from the office.You...

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