Winning Mindset

Dear subscriber, Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash Here’s what Marcelo Marini found interesting to share with you this week: Once people define what they want they can accomplish everything in life. So decide now what you want and make meaningful progress toward your goal. Have faith you are going to achieve your goal, work diligently on it,... Read more

Once you go…

Dear subscriber, Once you go, God takes care of you. Think wisely and act right. Here’s what Marcelo Marini found interesting this week: Teachings Take care of your health (body, mind, spirit); Take care of your family (be a great husband and father); Work wisely (find efficiency at work); Learn constantly (beginner’s mind); —> Whatever... Read more

$13 to forget?

Contrarian thinking... and the good that is actually not bad... When you think big it influences small actions that make you grow. When you make long-term goals it organizes all your short-term actions. Long-term thinking benefits short-term actions. What happens when you pick the right stocks? Suppose you had 13 dollars in 2019 and decided... Read more

Tesla from bad to…

Back in 2019, we thought that would be a good time to buy TSLA stocks… it ended up a phenomenal pick. Tesla wasn’t the type of company we could invest solely. Business metrics weren’t good at that time. No operational margin, net margin negative, lots of doubts. We bought TESLA at around $13 dollars a... Read more

Tell me more…

The case of WeWork, Rent/Buy, and lack of wisdom. Dear reader, Good morning! News is urgent…The diary is important. Important things come first… business-wise it may be sales/revenue, and operating income… to start… Wisdom starvation The first step of a business is sale… many adventurous business people think it’s renting/buying an office, furniture, paperwork, and... Read more

Nothing wrong…

WeWork...Home prices to the roof... and the case of statistics... Dear reader, good morning. …Not such a good morning for renters and WeWork investors. WeWork tragically drops 98,1% since its IPO. WeWork price return over the years drop 98.1% since the IPO. By this far dear reader must know we are not IPO fans. We... Read more

It pays to be “independent”

When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change… not physically but in our minds. Then, the whole world can change...  Looking-for-trouble Habit. Instead of thinking about what’s wrong with the markets, business, and society, we can think of what’s right.  Try it… it will open a new channel... Read more