Investor Fail. Number 1: Mindset.

New York - Many investors fail to recognize that they invest so much time reading the news. Never copy a portfolio. Most investors think that someone else's investments are better than theirs; that's why every average investor is looking for new ideas daily or try to model other's portfolios, which does not work for anyone.... Read more

Unlocking Your Body

NEW YORK - Breaking Habits in ways you can become a better person. Your mind and body are connected, that's why we can fell certain emotions depending on the way we use or move or body. If you are a person who uses your mind more than your body, we strongly recommend you break this... Read more

Am I responsible for my future?

NEW YORK - How can we help you? We don't train our brains to take the right actions; that's why we lack confidence in our lives and professions. Confidence in Life That's how it works. Confidence is a mental thing; basically, we have a pattern of thinking that was useful to us in the past... Read more

Why Not Changing?

NEW YORK - Why not changing? The most part of our days is managed by your habits, even if you are investing the chances are that your are repeating what the others are doing? Why? Investment perspective Everyone does the same, everyone copy the others. Why? Because they assume that others have more conditions than... Read more

Unlock the World of Possibilities

Being in New York brings me tons of memories, but I always prefer to live the new. I’ve been here for the first time before working in the Facility Services in Denver, Colorado. I remember the cold days that I dreamed about being here again. In fact, I’ve been here more than 20 times and... Read more

Invest in New York.

Editor's note: Marcelo is going to be answering questions of our members in today's episode. Hoop in Factual member's exclusive Podcast. NEW YORK - A place to invest. New York, New York For years New York City was a forgotten city in many ways. I came here for the first time in 2005, and by... Read more

Issue 65 – The Return

Jun 2th, 2021 – Factual Macro – Issue 0065 – Year 3 – Factual Manhattan L.L.C. – Author: Marcelo Marini Editor's note: This newsletter is delivered and exclusive to Premium and Club members. Dear Premium Member, This is our Economic Newsletter, the Factual Macro is an Macro Economic Newsletter that shows you ways to preserve... Read more