Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Dear members, New week new opportunities. Are you ready to invest in yourself? How many times you thought of doing something new and could not make it? Because of what? Some prefer to blá-blá-blá. Two weeks ago, I shared a Podcast explaining why your brain stops you from discovering your real life. Start this week... Read more

You Can Make it.

New York - How can I help you? Marcelo here to let you know that you can accomplish anything in life. Life is full of opportunities and love. It's much more than money, so we can help you to be more prosperous, healthier, and happier. One of the things that can help you discover your... Read more

Make Money While Sleeping.

New York – Automatizing Markets. Dear member, After 472 days, New York has finally reopened. Governor Cuomo has finally lifted most of the restrictions. The City is back. We are back, finally. There’s no way we can automatize our lives. Every morning, you got to do what you got to do. Even if you’re sad... Read more

Investor Fail. Number 1: Mindset.

New York - Many investors fail to recognize that they invest so much time reading the news. Never copy a portfolio. Most investors think that someone else's investments are better than theirs; that's why every average investor is looking for new ideas daily or try to model other's portfolios, which does not work for anyone.... Read more

Unlocking Your Body

NEW YORK - Breaking Habits in ways you can become a better person. Your mind and body are connected, that's why we can fell certain emotions depending on the way we use or move or body. If you are a person who uses your mind more than your body, we strongly recommend you break this... Read more