Factual Method

What are the best stocks to buy today? The Factual Method is a method for businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, investors, and organizations, covering the Best in Management and Corporate Finance based on the Factual Method of Business Analysis, Management, Stocks, and Real Estate Investment Funds. We don’t give investment advice, don’t give investing tips, and... Read more

Factual Method for Organizations

Many people are studying business, as I've been relentlessly driven by it for the last fifteen years,researching from the best, learning, experiencing from the guts, and teaching how to make theleap and create an enduring business—the way to the wealth of generations. If a business is well managed, it can change the world and help... Read more

Reach the top

There are a few ways of leveraging your finances. Long-term investment in the stock market is one of the easiest. You'll need to invest in undervalued stocks, preferably in quality stocks, and either hold or reinvest monthly. The waiting does much of the work if you follow the concepts. One great benefit of wealth in... Read more

Life is a gift!

Good morning! Out of drama, folks! This is an absurd lifestyle! If you live this way for 30 days, I believe you will triple your performance. Today I woke up at 5:30 am, no alarm, just birds singing some song... was it Guns N Roses's Patience? Mozart? I could not get it... But! I realize... Read more

White Paper

Consistency builds astounding results. We had a wonderful sunny day here in the southern hemisphere, full of energy:  Sunbath, gym, running, meditation, energy, yoga, listening to a new audiobook, writing my Dairy, lots of fun… just before work. It all started with a notebook, a pen, and the title "White Paper." It evolved to the... Read more

Much stupidity

Speed living. Speed working. Speed everything... View from the coast. Much stupidity. People don't want to learn. They just react… You can live the life you want. You can conquer your dreams. You can change things, you can change your options, and you can change life itself. Life can be much broader, once you discover... Read more

What would you do?

Good morning everyone, Improving life is simple. Just get rid of the bad habits. Okay, which habits are not good? Then we come to self-knowledge, the perception of the senses, life itself, and the why. Especially the observation of oneself. Looking at yourself as an observer, what habits do I cultivate? which ones are automated?... Read more