Break the Pattern

yesterday I shared with you my first idea on why you need to step out of your way to succeed – Yes, I really mean it. You need to do this…

I know it feels wrong or counterintuitive… but most people do not achieve success because of this!

As mentioned yesterday it takes courage, to step out of your way. Why?

Because you are going to be incomprehensible to some of the people you love. When you follow your own ideas you will be rejected and people don’t know how to deal with that. So they try to stop you… put you down… do whatever they think to deter you. To some people, it’s like the worst feeling…

To succeed you need to face contrary opinions and walk your own path or you will give up.

And giving up is not a wise option when your heart’s desires depend on it. 

If you do your life stops… nothing new or big happens. The vicious cycle. Where most people live.

They will say that you are wrong… your family, friends, and coworkers… but the truth is…they just don’t get the real truth of living this life… (tomorrow)

OK, today is Easter. Happy Easter! A day of renovation… buy the ticket. Accept the invitation, start a new book, a new plan. plan the next trip, sign up for the class, start your business, find real happiness… smile back… take the leap to the unknown.

why do most people get the same “truth” wrong in life?

More coming…

Marcelo Marini

P.S.: I almost forget, I’m very glad of the responses you have shared with me… that makes our community of readers more “together”. Have you had this experience yourself?

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