The Opposite View

Marcelo Marini typing from Itajaí, Brazil. Requests for judicial recovery from rural farmers are increasing in Brazil influenced by current soybean prices. Is it the soybean prices that are quoted wrong? or is it a lack of farmer’s management? Something more? We anticipated this movement on June, 13th, 2023 (Agro Normalization) Contrary Thinking Agro Normalization I'm... Read more

Hermès Ferrari

Save...invest...repeat? Marcelo Marini, tipping today in search of meaningful business… Photo by Jinsoo Choi on Unsplash Hermès had another excellent year. You better start saving… Wedding… Saturday we went to a wedding party, it was amazing, Priest to Party, all excellent… people create problems when there’s non… we tried to cultivate the classy our grandpa taught… but we... Read more

Agro Normalization

Agro...Dollar...Economy I'm praying for rain in California.…- Dean Martin’s song: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me. Dear subscriber. Marcelo Marini’s New Insights on this newsletter: Economy Disaster (unfolding); Next Bovespa Trend; Agro Normalization; Dollar/BRL Trend.Source: Agrolink. Here are some dots we seem to have connected. Dollar appreciation over the Brazilian Real; Great Fortune's Secrets (Intelligent Investor);... Read more

What’s Netflix doing?

Inside the new and old economy. Translate text.  Clique para ler em português. The whole economy is changing, and we think that some businesses could focus on the new economy. In this article, we discuss remembering our member-only episode in late 2020, where we had anticipated Netflix subscribers lost and how the company can help... Read more