World & War, Prices, P/E, Concerns, and Opportunities. Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. Dear subscriber, We don't communicate often. We don't sell news frenzy; we don't like talking too much. We work hard. But we prefer a few things; we prefer quality over quantity. We don't spend time in the Bla-Bla-Bla media. We like being different... Read more

Inspiration to long-term investors

Feb/21 - Country home, Brazil. Dear subscriber. I'm delighted to share with you some articles that have made my life easier, so I strongly recommend your reading if you want to. I'm thrilled to share with you some of the working materials that have been inspiring hundreds of capital allocators, investors, and businesses in the... Read more

Winning strategy to start creating wealth now.

When you are rich, you are rich for yourself and your family; when you are wealthy, you may not be rich, but you are "wealthier" for this generation to the next, and that goes on and on. That's the significant difference between being rich and being wealthier. If you are broke, you spend more than... Read more

Porshe’s deal and the whole economical efficiency theory.

Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil. I headed to Santa Catarina once more. Here's the place I can reconnect and start fresh new ideas. It has been the place I've been recharging for many years; I'm always delighted to be here. The whole thing about the Market efficiency theory is nuts. Go live somewhere not developed yet.... Read more

Fire, Bombs, and Rockets

Dear reader, Tensions have increased between the Taliban, Afghanistan, the United States and perhaps China… The story is still in development, but it suggests a global view of the scenarios, so we have separated our view on the sectors related to wars and how to invest intelligently and in a non-traditional way. If you want... Read more

Last Day to Discover the Future of Bitcoin.

Editor’s Note: Dear reader, Marcelo’s special offer on Bitcoin Future has come to an end, this is the Last Day to our Pre-Launch Offer. If you loose it you won't be able to know whats behind: New Countries implementation of new money (US and China).Development of new digital monetary system.Trend markets.Future Prices Trends.Curve of implementation.Curve of use.Energy... Read more