Extra Space

Clear thoughts…objectives…no rush… Marcelo Marini, typing from São Paulo, Brazil. Photo by Jerry Zhang on Unsplash The flight was nice, we got time to sleep with extra space, sounds doable I thought! Many people like to suffer, they don’t think… they are just living… They don’t dream, don’t ask, don’t have attitude and as a result, they accomplish... Read more

Avoid Comfort

Marcelo Marini, typing from Frankfurt, Germany. Buildings in Frankfurt by the Author. Living in London can be kite-challenging. Italy… also… The Gas and inflation-increasing prices are making home renters move elsewhere…even with their parents once again… For the parents, one crucial thing to remember is that your son is not yours. If parents understand this... Read more

What day will be?

Dear subscriber, You can become wealthier, healthier, and happier anytime soon. Expect it and act towards it. Life is good. Your life can change in a day. Have you chosen what day will be? Choose wisely. Win today! Marcelo Marini Read the Disclaimer. Quote Once you are ready to go forward. The good life will follow... Read more

Winning Mindset

Dear subscriber, Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash Here’s what Marcelo Marini found interesting to share with you this week: Once people define what they want they can accomplish everything in life. So decide now what you want and make meaningful progress toward your goal. Have faith you are going to achieve your goal, work diligently on it,... Read more

Hermès Ferrari

Save...invest...repeat? Marcelo Marini, tipping today in search of meaningful business… Photo by Jinsoo Choi on Unsplash Hermès had another excellent year. You better start saving… Wedding… Saturday we went to a wedding party, it was amazing, Priest to Party, all excellent… people create problems when there’s non… we tried to cultivate the classy our grandpa taught… but we... Read more

Agro Normalization

Agro...Dollar...Economy I'm praying for rain in California.…- Dean Martin’s song: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me. Dear subscriber. Marcelo Marini’s New Insights on this newsletter: Economy Disaster (unfolding); Next Bovespa Trend; Agro Normalization; Dollar/BRL Trend.Source: Agrolink. Here are some dots we seem to have connected. Dollar appreciation over the Brazilian Real; Great Fortune's Secrets (Intelligent Investor);... Read more