Illusions make the man

As we may be changing the primary trend the opposite of prosperity… when businesses have less revenue, less profit, fewer employees, and more consumers have less buying power to buy something they want… it makes this author think…  Our president’s offer ends tomorrow, open your eyes: Get 60% off for 1 year Are we still... Read more

The history of man today and the vision for the future.

New brain old manners... lack is limited thinking... and knowledge. As our civilization evolves, the way we live is gradually transforming. While it's possible to maintain a lifestyle akin to ancient civilizations, the technological advancements and knowledge we have today offer us far more possibilities. Consider the microcosm of social media; while it's feasible to... Read more

How we look at the situation…

The world economy is currently…  If you look at the markets you can get mixed sentiments…  If you look at the news you can be somehow “limited”.  …especially if you don’t know how business and the financial world really work to understand what’s happening... Not just that but what not to look at the economy…... Read more

Masses under control

Marcelo Marini, typing from Florianópolis, SC, Brazil. Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash In Jun/2022 your dearest writer thought that Agro Normalization was needed.  Inflation then was the problem, here and there. Interest rates lowered. Stocks went to the roof again (United States, Brazil, Japan as an example)… Now finally,  Soybeans dip to new 3-year low in volatile trading day,... Read more

The Opposite View

Marcelo Marini typing from Itajaí, Brazil. Requests for judicial recovery from rural farmers are increasing in Brazil influenced by current soybean prices. Is it the soybean prices that are quoted wrong? or is it a lack of farmer’s management? Something more? We anticipated this movement on June, 13th, 2023 (Agro Normalization) Contrary Thinking Agro Normalization I'm... Read more

Hermès Ferrari

Save...invest...repeat? Marcelo Marini, tipping today in search of meaningful business… Photo by Jinsoo Choi on Unsplash Hermès had another excellent year. You better start saving… Wedding… Saturday we went to a wedding party, it was amazing, Priest to Party, all excellent… people create problems when there’s non… we tried to cultivate the classy our grandpa taught… but we... Read more