Compounding money for your retirement. Even if you haven’t been thinking before.

February 5, 2021 - Factual Daily PRO - Edition 0068 –– Year 3 - Factual Manhattan L.L.C. - Author: Marcelo Marini

The magic of compound interest seems to be a magic and who knows why few people believe it or give the necessary value for their role in their life.

You may have stopped buying FB more than 2 years ago when I started bringing it to our debates, but you may be doing the same thing today.

Simply if you buy 100 (dollars, euros, reais, ...) of a quality stock - learn to do like me in the Intelligent Investor course or in the A Grande Fortuna Program - every month you will be building a retirement.
See the mountain of money accumulating with these companies, you know them well, the profit is so much that it becomes cash and as cash it is reinvested in its own extremely profitable operations. A mountain of money accumulating and being reinvested, this is compounding, making your retirement, stress-free, richer, happier and wiser.

Marcelo Marini.

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