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Factual System (English)

Complete Investment Course with Step by Step on How to Make a Fortune in the Long Term

Preferably recommended course for investors with equity equal to or greater than US$ 100,000.00 who wish to learn how to become a Smart Investor with iInvestors.

The Intelligent Investor course seeks to present the main concepts of the financial market to stock exchange investors in 8 modules ranging from beginners to advanced, from basic concepts to fundamental analysis of stocks.

The course is intended for financiers and non-financiers who have the resources (regardless of the amount) to invest in the financial market or who have equity and seek to make a better diversification of their investments.

The course features content ranging from risk management, with a focus on learning not to lose money, accumulate, invest and profit through different forms of active or passive investment.

The knowledge of the course can also be used by investors of Shares, Real Estate Investment Funds, shares abroad and by entrepreneurs who wish to receive knowledge to better manage their businesses.

The course is intended for all people of legal age, it is held online through the members area .

How it works:

  • The course: The course consists of 12 weeks (online video) of lessons for you to learn the secrets that build the greatest fortunes with freedom and passive income.
  • Classes are held weekly for the  best use of the student , however the  content is dense and studies must be done during the weeks aiming at the best use. The student learning platform will be available for 1 year.
  • The learning platform: Videos, texts and complementary articles for the learning process are and will be posted during the course.
  • Students are able to send questions to the teach about the course during the 12 weeks to better understanding the concepts and ideas.