Passive Income

Course Format: Four objective classes were conducted online through the members’ area. 1 Hour. Marcelo Marini’s course, “Learn to Have Monthly Passive Income Even Without Having Physical Properties,” offers valuable insights into achieving financial independence. Here’s the program outline: Learn to Have Monthly Passive Income Even Without Having Physical Properties Course Overview: In this one-hour... Read more

The Hidden Wealth Formula

The Decades-Long Investment Method Course Overview Duration: 2 hours Module 1: The Hidden Wealth Formula Unlocking the Kept-Secret Method In this module, you’ll discover a little-known investment strategy that has the power to transform your financial future. Say goodbye to complicated schemes and hello to simplicity. Learn how to grow your wealth without wasting time or... Read more

Financial Intelligence

Duration: 1 hour  Introduction to Financial Independence's Course. Understand the concept of financial independence and its importance. Learn how financial independence can lead to personal freedom. Understanding Financial Intelligence Explore the role of business acumen and financial intelligence in wealth creation. Discover practical strategies for improving your financial literacy. Unconventional Financial Strategies Uncommon financial expertise. Organizing... Read more

Independent Wealth

Independent Wealth: Your Safe Path to Automatic Wealth Redefine your thinking. Put your finances in the automatic. Put your business in automatic. Live your best life. Grow, protect, and create new automatic wealth. This course encapsulates 15 years of research and practice in wealth creation, business growth, profit, and how to cultivate the right way... Read more

Smart Wallet

Course Details: Format: Online, delivered through the members’ area Duration: 5 Hours: 5 classes (one per week, based on your progress) Are you ready to embark on a journey toward financial prosperity? Marcelo Marini’s “Smart Wallet” course is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and strategies needed to protect their wealth, generate income, and... Read more