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Portuguese language
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Starting a business is very difficult, 80% of businesses fail in the first 18 months…

Nowadays, having a job all your life is rare. There is no security… it is almost impossible to have personal fulfillment… the solution is to undertake. However, 80% of businesses started die before they even complete two years. All the investment, time and personal effort… lost.

Imagine yourself deciding to undertake. The butterflies in your stomach, the stimulation of the challenge and the doubt about the future… will you be one of the 80%? Most people feel afraid… and therefore they only dream and do nothing… If you just want to dream, what I have here is not for you. Here it is for those who want to get their hands dirty and actually DO BUSINESS.

The difference between an entrepreneur’s success and failure begins with the decision to be an entrepreneur… If you want to win this game LEARN THE RULES BEFORE STARTING THE GAME…
This course defines the game, exemplifies the rules, and demonstrates the success criteria so you have everything you need to become one of the 5% who are consistently making a profit over time.

The 3 main lessons of being a Modern Entrepreneur

Prepare to Undertake

– Concepts for being a Successful Entrepreneur;

– Develop your Leadership, have more Attitude, and make your Choices right.

Develop your Mental Attitude for Entrepreneurship

– Personal Culture;

– Business Culture;

– Mindset for Entrepreneurship;

– Profit Culture;

– Optimized Models;

  • Action plan.

Learn how to manage your costs and increase your sales

– Managing Smart Costs and Dumb Costs;

– Managing Time;

– Planning your Routine for Profit;

– The Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs;

– Creating a Culture to Increase Your Sales.

“I reduced monetary expenses and increased sales in 2 months… “

“This partnership summarized that we were able to drastically reduce our expenses and increase our sales within 2 months. Generating favorable net revenue.” – Guilherme Louzada, Entrepreneur

For those of you who haven’t started a business yet, I’ve put together content with everything you need to start a successful business!

“Everything that is in reality was once a dream.” Leonardo da Vinci

I have met many extraordinary people throughout my life, most of them had graduated in administration, architecture, engineering, law, etc., with incredible talents, some of which were not even learned if they graduated from college, and in many of them they realized that they had an internal block, a barrier they couldn’t overcome, I was always intrigued by how to unblock these people to achieve what they really wanted in Life. Have more freedom and greater independence!

I’ve always thought that people should work for themselves, that there’s no point in working for someone else (if you’re not finding personal satisfaction).

And this course is for you to learn how to undertake, I will help you take your first steps, but with less risk, because I believe that you need to know some things that people don’t tell you, and I made a big mistake by not knowing them before undertake my first businesses, and today I want to teach you this path.

What will you LEARN and APPLY?


Discover the secrets that no one tells you about how to start being a successful entrepreneur.

Here you learn concepts to be a Successful Entrepreneur. Develop Collaborative Leadership, have an Entrepreneurial Attitude, how to prepare for Entrepreneurship, and why you can open your own business, have more freedom and seek financial independence.

In this module you saved months or even years of trial and error with the experience of those who have already done it.

to undertake

Are you prepared to take control of your freedom and your life? How to manage people and know the path to profit?

Are you getting the same average results as your peers? Discover what is blocking your success.
What is the secret of successful entrepreneurs about optimized business models and how to have a successful mindset! You will learn to develop the Mindset that separates failures from successful people!
Learn how to MANAGE YOUR COSTS so you don’t have surprises

Here we enter the Practice. What do successful companies that remain on the market for years do differently than others? What are the habits for success? How to Plan for Profit? How to Manage Your Time and Really Learn to Take Care of Expenses.

Learn how to put into practice the 13 ways to UNLOCK YOUR SALES

Now that you’re ready to manage your life, people, costs and take the next step, you need to boost your sales. We will help you do it all

through the 13 Ways to Unlock Your Sales with a Commercial Culture that can drastically increase your sales.

Find out why your customers will want to buy from you!

A Complete Course to Learn to Entrepreneur…

To help you with all the focused and targeted knowledge you need to be a successful Modern Entrepreneur, we have prepared a special course for you.

“A complete course to be a Successful Modern Entrepreneur”.

– Marcelo Marini, Founder of GrowthMind and Multi Entrepreneur.

I need more than 10 years of experience in ventures in the most varied segments, in addition to having founded 4 companies, to give you this shortcut so you can have more freedom and results in your life and in your next ventures.

Put your ideas into practice, stop being a Dreamer and become an Entrepreneur.
Learn with GrowthMind!

Start taking control of your life now!

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Are you ready to have greater control of your life and be a Successful Entrepreneur with a Mindset prepared to achieve more profit? Start now! The biggest cost is that you stay where you are and don’t discover the Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs.

Prepare to Undertake, Prepare for Success, Discover your Strengths and what holds back your Entrepreneurial Attitude.
Create the necessary mindset to be a successful entrepreneur and use the rules to your advantage.
Learn to Manage your Time, Plan your life, Reduce your monetary expenses and Increase your sales.
BONUS: Exclusive conversations with counselors.
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GrowthMind’s Solid Guarantee… You will have everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur, you will learn the theory and be able to apply it in a real way in practice and with this your success will result. I have already helped many people with the knowledge that I am making available here and I am so sure that it will work for you too that you will give 15 days of access and learning… and if you are not satisfied, devote all your money, without stress and without worry — all you have to do is email me and you’ll get your money back. So what are you waiting for? Access now, undertake, be successful! You are 100% Guaranteed. If you start and within 15 days you don’t like the course, you will receive 100% of your money back.

“In 15 days, if you don’t like it, we will refund 100% of your investment.”

Be a Successful Entrepreneur Now!

Have you discovered the possibility of being prepared by global entrepreneurs to be a Successful Entrepreneur? Do you want to achieve more? If the answer is YES, access Now!