Factual Method – Fast-Track (Portuguese)

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Online Course | Time: 6 Hours.

  • Earn guaranteed passive income every month;
  • Learn to protect your capital and maximize your returns;
  • Learn how to choose the best investments with a simple, quick, and easy method – no waste of time;
  • Stop tracking market movements while the method works in your favor;
  • Stop feeling insecure about investments;
  • Find your safe path to financial freedom and start achieving your dreams.

This course is compiled easily for the basic and advanced people in this fast-track course.

  • How to buy Stocks.
  • How to Build a Portfolio.
  • How Marcelo’s Method works:
    • Technical Analyses;
    • The Most Important Fundamentals;
    • Factual System Filters;
    • Marcelo’s multiple analysis;
    • Marcelo’s Valuation analysis;
  • Stock Picking and Managing your portfolio.