Intelligent Investor – Fast-Track (Portuguese)

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Online Course | Time: 6 Hours.

Increase and Protect your Money with time-tested strategies.

  • Earn guaranteed passive income every month;
  • Learn to protect your capital and maximize your returns;
  • Learn how to choose the best investments with a simple, quick, and easy method – no waste of time;
  • Stop tracking market movements while the method works in your favor;
  • Stop feeling insecure about investments;
  • Find your safe path to financial freedom and start achieving your dreams.

In recent years Marcelo’s holdings performed more than +2400 growth. That stunning result has certainly included him among some of the most promising investors.

Marcelo has more than ten years of experience in the stock markets and is performing his investment System, entitled The Factual System.

In the last years, Marcelo has taught his students to deliver outstanding results without compromising their time and safety while investing in a unique and diversified way.

Now his teaching you to have the possibility to do the same.

The results are tranquility and a portfolio that not only protects your assets but has the potential of increasing your money with time-tested strategies.

This course is compiled easily to the basic and advanced investor in this short-term course called the Factual Method, a fraction of the whole System (Short-term course – 6 hours).

It has been uniquely designed to help you navigate the markets from zero to PRO level without the need to check stock prices daily.
This course makes it possible for the general public to invest like the PRO investors with significantly less time spent in the Method.

In this entirely online course, the investor Marcelo Marini teaches you how to invest like a PRO performing like the real PROs.

Include in this course:

  • How to buy Stocks.
  • How to Build a Portfolio.
  • How Marcelo’s Method works:
    • Technical Analyses;
    • The Most Important Fundamentals;
    • Factual System Filters;
    • Marcelo’s multiple analysis;
    • Marcelo’s Valuation analysis;
  • Stock Picking and Managing your portfolio.