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Independent Wealth: Your Safe Path to Automatic Wealth

Redefine your thinking. Put your finances in the automatic. Put your business in automatic. Live your best life.

Grow, protect, and create new automatic wealth.

This course encapsulates 15 years of research and practice in wealth creation, business growth, profit, and how to cultivate the right way of thinking. This innovative course could easily be referred to as an MBA in Wealth Creation and Business Management. It’s the most accurate way to create wealth from scratch, manage a business for growth, and profits, and adjust your thinking to work less and achieve more.

Marcelo Marini, an expert in finances and business, has generated independence, freedom, and a better lifestyle for entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and business people around the world with his unconventional ideas.

This complete course includes 30 hours of real-time classes and Q&A sessions, providing knowledge, tools, and weekly real-time interactions and redefining success in wealth creation, business management, and thinking processes.

Course Outline

1. Wealth Management

  • The Only 3 Ways to Wealth
  • The Factual System
  • Creating Multiple Sources of Income

2. Understanding the World, Economy, and Business

  • World Capitalism: Government, Schools, Business
  • The End of Creativity
  • Revisiting Business Purpose in the 21st Century
  • Successful Business Operations: Capital, Growth, Taxation, Real Wealth

3. Investing Like the Wealthiest Families in the World

  • Creating Multiple Sources of Passive Income
  • Compound Interest vs. Speculation
  • Diversification and Concentration
  • Reading the News Without Losing Time or Sanity
  • Becoming Independent of Advisors, News, and Banks
  • Allocating Your Capital
  • Stress-free and Time-efficient Investing: ETFs, Passive Income, Dividends, Capital Gains
  • Protecting Your Capital: Protections, Assets of the Future

4. Choosing Your Assets

  • The Factual Factor (Quality)
  • New Opportunities (Trends)

5. Evaluating Your Assets

  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Need for Money
  • Return
  • Temperament

6. Buying and Managing Your Transactions

  • Analysis
  • Questions
  • Graham-Dodd Valuation

7. Selling and Managing Your Transactions

  • Analysis of Better Opportunities

8. Preparing for a Crisis

  • Portfolio Analysis

9. Navigating a Crisis

  • Crisis Allocation (2000 Assets)

10. Post-Crisis Actions

  • Growth and Value Allocation

Business Management (Creating Multiple Sources of Income)

  • Starting a Business
  • Setting up a Business
  • Implementing the Cycles Model: Business Purpose, The 4 Phases of a Business, Contracts, Allocations and Distributions, Business Image, Teams, Movements and Decisions, 8 Paths to Greatness

Independent Thinking

  • The Dilemma of Thinking
  • The Thought Process for Achieving What You Want in Life
  • Laws of Wise Thinking
  • Living the Life You Love
  • The Law of Wealth Attraction
  • The 7 Systems to Attract the Life You Want to Live

This course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to grow, protect, and create new automatic wealth. It’s your safe path to automatic wealth generation.