Crazy as It Sounds, China’s New Game… Is the future here?

Yesterday at Factual.Money.

Today at The Wall Street Journal. As our founder would say, we nailed it! That means you had the opportunity of nailing it. Actually, there’s nothing really NEW, we’ve been covering this sector for a bit, some have made more than 50%. Fair enough.

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

Today our editor had many ideas but we need to keep it simple and daily.

Wise subscriber,

The man that sees opportunities can’t relate with the man that sees weekness or misfortune.

Life is not about thinking it’s a mindset. Believe it or not.

China has launch it’s first digital currency.

Many of our members have been investing in cryptos for more than a year and their experiences as far as we know have been amazing.

It’s a money making machine.

Now, more countries will look to China in search of an outlook of their experiences. As many outsiders try to understand why our members are so successful in business, investments and lifestyle.

Those who seek to achieve things should show no mercy.

Kautilya, Indian Philospher, third century B.C.

You can ride in a cruise from home, just watch and see it.

Although China is the next new international power, the DOER investor can invest globally from their houses in Brazil, New York or in the middle of some island in Central America.

No one knew we could go this far and as J.P. Morgan used to say: As far as we could see it, the farther we could get it… the further we could go.

Is that the power of an uncorrelated portfolio?

Is Bitcoin a Growth opportunity? Is it protection? How do you invest in it? How much would you invest in it?

Some of your wise members have learned it and are breaking the financial territory rules to have massive returns.

That’s that.

What happens if you know how to combine uncorrelated assets in your portfolio?

Show no mercy.

Keep it up.

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