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Not every king was well understood. Now Elon Musk admits he did something wrong… maybe a misconception of face masks… or

Today crypto markets are driven by Elon and Coal energy is driven by miners, but some miners use renewable energy, then Bitcoin collapse and get pumped again…

Then the movement continues, you buy more, you get poor and you sell and you buy. And there are costs and Coinbase can benefit… And maybe Tesla can benefit from lack of operations performance but wisely gets a net profit from investing like a… Pro?


Value is a simple and well-underestimated word. Experienced investors love it. Beginners like to say they hear it everywhere. Maybe it’s true… There’s a correlation between hearing something that your grandparents say and eventually happening in an unknown period… Who knows? Are they too old?


Sentiment is another case… What a word in the financial oxford vocabulary… If you think you get… You might not get it. Sometimes it’s awful to understand who creates and who borrows this vocabulary to finances. The simple, the better. Try not using words that professional salespeople use to sell you some idea of some stocks.

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