Dark Sea by Investing Choices

Cancun, Mexico.

Dear subscriber,

We had a great day here in the Caribbean. R. and I had our daily morning routine and were able to keep up with the doing.

Like is more doing than thinking. Have you thought of it?


Crypto is in the thinking field. It’s a great game for a teenager, you can be a millionaire, even a billionaire in crypto, and still, be even richer in the future especially if you know how to build a portfolio and allocate your money wisely. When markets are higher everybody fell like a genius.


Is the first guy to take humanity for Mars, I believe so. Even if Tesla is still pre-operational and our members know why. And our members know many more things about Tesla that the world doesn’t know. Still, it’s a great company, they are going to be richer, we are going to be richer and the world is going to be cleaner. Even if we could buy a TeslaCoin. What’s the new invention of Mars Emperor self-proclaimed?

Online Shopping

Too many things we are not sure about, we are always guessing, we like to have an opinion and I believe strongly that opinions can make you think differently.

Long ago Maieutic was invented and made so many self-proclaimed experts nuts. The problem is… long ago Warren Buffett has said that once he became a billionaire other people gave him more credit than we could ever imagine…

Online shopping can make you dumb, especially if you buy wanna be courses and lectures of popular people, even books have become a part of a larger-scale commercial dream.

Now, at the beginning of the pos-pandemic, we start to see consumers goods increasing their demand while online shopping has lost some coins.

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Stay tuned, stay ahead.


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