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Davos… speeches…future…economy…

Marcelo Marini, typing today from southern Brazil.

Now media may say that markets are entering a new prosperity moment… Chartists may say it’s an interesting scenario… perhaps Davos leaders can help us….we have some doubts.

We are heading to an economic disaster… we could be stuck in it for decades you got to be wise.

However man has developed TV and Radio, so they can sell their souls to the media man. Control the media control the mind.

We ask for politicians to save us… we are not capable of such a thing! But we hate the billionaires and not the rulers…

We lack truth, real-world, real people, and disinterested intentions. Give your time to politicians, listen to them, listen to the ruin makers, and you will be miserable. What does the senator say this week… and the next… 

Try investing based on the fake money news media. What Mr. President says…

Our power to captivate communities together made us stronger, but we invited the fool to our home to tell us what to do next… so next time turn the Bravata off…

These people are the maintainers of this old structure of illusion. They may try to make you change… obey the news… then we forget our souls. Better be a doer than a thinker…even just a speaker!

What can the World Economic Forum in Davos add to us? We see no real work added…mic down… perhaps we need less talking and more job done… too much of too much and we are full of speeches and no real-growth added.

Especially in today’s world… Where ethics and values are behind the curtains. Today’s emperors are fighting… to maintain power and claptrap…

We are ruined by those who don’t depend on their own rules. In the end, if you rely on others you’ll be the last to laugh. Idols, Presidents, Prime Ministers…influencers…experts…really care? We are trying to connect some dots here…

To our dear reader, we have to do the work, pay the bill, invest our sums wisely…no time to lose.


Marcelo Marini

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