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Last November we launched Investments of the Future. It was a great success and this thursday we’ll have a special Q&A about it.

It’s been years since we told money diversification is a real deal, actually, money in your pocket can be one of the dumbest things in today’s world.

You could go to Stocks, Gold, Crypto or a Foreign Currency, no matter what is your choice the real teachings is being able to diversify your assets by uncorrelated expositions.

It can be hard for non-members. It’s simple to our members and it takes less than a day…

Money in a PenDrive

Knowledge is a real tool. Now you can open many new doors by being financial educated, wiser and wealthier.

Your limit? your current paradigma.

China is investing in its digital currency, nothing new to our daily readers.

Bahamas is a tiny country and did the same.

Brazil is transforming PIX into a real new digital money.

It’s the best deal every government can make, controlling your money is a real deal and makes the world safer to all of us, without money printing.

Is the US launching its own digital money, certainly, but when?

Safe Weed

The US has approved the SAFE Harbor to banking on weed companies. Those that were suffering from lack of money, while banks couldn’t negotiate with these companies… It could’ve been illegal.

With the US law reforming it’s not illegal and the flow of the Big Money can flow to the industry.

US weed stocks on the spot, not so much to the Canadians. For now.

Brazil’s Opportunities

Recently moviments made some real good stocks to be REALLY undervalued and some FACTUAL Statistics. If you learn you earn.

To win without risk is to triumph without glory.


Stay focused. Stay ahead.

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