Don’t lose money. Here’s the deal.

Don’t lose money: Save 30% of your income.

Don’t spend what you have. It will attract misery to your life. Save 30% of your income. If you do more than 20% already, you are rocking it. If you can’t reach 30%, you must evaluate where you put your money or review your life and objectives. The choice is yours.

Never let your money flow to somebody else’s pocket without questioning, scrutiny, and planning. Never say yes without examination, prices, conditions, quality, and if you really need what you want this time.

Learn to make deals. Ask for new prices, propositions, and ways of getting a better deal. 

If someone wants to sell you something, they need to work really hard to convince you! And if you want something, they better prepare for a time-worth negotiation.

No rush. The magic word for better negotiation. (Remember that you can learn negotiation skills by visiting our courses page).

Last-time (no-planning) purchases need to be avoided. Instead, buy just what you have planned to buy.

If you think of buying something today, do not go for it. Instead, wait at least one day and give yourself time to evaluate it.

Where are you putting your money to?

Create a spreadsheet like the one we teach our Intelligent Investor, Factual System, and Save Money students.

Separate all your incomes and expenses per percentual.

Include all you get and your expenses.

The total of your income should be 100%.

And the total of your expenses divided by your total income should be less than 70%.

Create a filter ordering from higher to lower.

Use colors to help you think about what you can change.

If you really needed the money, what would you change?

I use Purple to identify the expenses I will cut as soon as possible. (Contracts and the like).

Yellow for the ones I need to reevaluate in the next month.

And Red for the things I’m immediately cutting off my budget.

The priority should be higher to low, so don’t spend much time analyzing small things. These small costs make your life more pleasurable and satisfying. Stick with them! Don’t freak out. Your focus should be efficiency, not a bad mood.

I’m used to don’t thinking about anything that goes lower than 5% of my total income. It’s where your subscriptions, software, phone, haircut, and additional services will apply.

I’ll definitely analyze what represents more than 5% of my total income!

In the end, you can copy and paste a new spreadsheet comparing the results you will get immediately.

Cut off your expenses. Do downgrade your plans and always prefer to have a few good options in life. Not quantity, quality. The better quality you have, the better. Make your life simple and smarter. Especially if you don’t use them, cut them off, and you will immediately make money. Don’t allow money to move freely from your pocket to somebody else’s.

There’s no rush in a good life.

Get on comparisons and measure the impacts. Getting better results? Worst? Think and plan.

Nature is efficient. You should be efficient as well. 

Planning should be at least 50% of your daily work. But remember planning without acting is delusional.

Your total objective is to achieve at least, preferably, 30% savings each month so that you can invest.

Let’s see where in the following article.

Send us your thoughts and results!

Don’t settle.

More coming.


Marcelo Marini

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