Dots missing…

The more days pass by we are possibly near a brand new financial crisis.

Dear reader,

I’ve passed two financial crises as an investor and a pandemic. I know that in times like these, things don’t go smoothly in days/months and years…

The more days pass by we are possibly near a brand new financial crisis.

Whose impact could be tremendous?

We are trying to connect the dots that seem to be missing in this great society of abundance.

We are here to teach. These days people are flooded with information and starving for wisdom, especially in modern times.

Society is inverting its values; sometimes, we may feel like an OVNI on our planet.

We discovered that people fear their future; they lack confidence and certainty in their course. They fear not having enough money and how to deal with inevitable political, economic, and social changes and international complications that may affect their money and career, how their careers will develop… They don’t want to be left behind. 

They lack confidence in their retirement, cash disposal, and inflation. They don’t want to lose money in financial scandals and frenzy bubbles. They fear losing money and may need help understanding how the market works and how they can live a more prosperous life. Unfortunately, very few are the ones that learn and take the right action to change it.

By Wednesday, our paid members will be flooded with timeless information about protecting and increasing their wealth to live a more prosperous life.

We are presenting to you the following:

The Seven Pillars of Wealth. Now revealed.

Dear member, 

We used to have 12 classes in a three months course that covered the old version of the Method (it is still available, and we recommend it!), but after much thinking about how to make it more accessible. So we have made it less complicated and easy to comprehend and put into practice.

We will deliver the following newsletter to you here and on the platform.

Our promise is to teach you a method for solid long-term wealth-building.

Here are the seven secrets to long-term wealth:

  1. Organization and planning: Spare-time, spent time.
  2. Survive: Help yourself, love yourself, save yourself;
  3. Predictability: Predicatable Money, Predictable Business, Predictable Life;
  4. Work and Work-Work: Passion means hard work and wise work;
  5. Debt & Assets: Uniqueness at work;
  6. Secret sauce: Reinvest and keep up;
  7. Not to-dos: Think wisely.

Over the following weeks, you are about to get a new article covering this Hidden wealth secret I have carved out for decades, searched and found. Many of our students already use a similar method that has helped them achieve long-term solid wealth building. 

As I write to you, there’s a Brazilian World Cup game on the screen, and I can hear birds singing at the beach. I remember our students’ accomplishments. 

Some live in the city, and some on the beach. Some live in London, the United States, Nederlands, Portugal, and Brazil. 

Some passively gain income. Some don’t. Some gain dividends, some focus on price appreciation, and some just use the concepts we taught to invest for the long term. Some started with zero, just expectations. Others are above the millions mark. 

No matter your gender, age, nationality, race, or social and economic status, the Wealth Mastery Method is here to stay.

Remind yourself that you can write to us anytime you have doubts about the Method. And if you want to go further, you can watch the course (soon available in video class [upgrade necessary]).

Keep following the path.


Marcelo Marini

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