Start Winning Each Day – Marcelo Marini

Over the past few years, I’ve RENDEREDLY tested dozens of morning rituals… I’ve fetched them from books, interviews, personal conversations with successful entrepreneurs, investors, managers, and a few people who noticeably have a winning Mindset since the beginning of the day.

I tried a lot, I didn’t do well in most, but this one made me feel more prepared for the day. I have always believed that to achieve something in life, we ​​must prepare ourselves as athletes and that each profession will require a lifestyle for the individual. But unfortunately, even some occupations and lifestyles can be deadlier in the long run…

But this first step of my 5 Morning Habits Ritual – of 14 – that I developed, practiced, and incremented for over 15 years has brought incredible benefits to my life. Without them, nothing would have been as magical as it has been.

Some of the insights were taken from manuscripts after or during some trips around the world – which appeared in the book or on later books.

Thinking about it, I opened some questions for you, and the most voted one was if I could talk about some of my habits… I also thought that this material could help many people who cost to find powerful morning rituals. I believe these five could be a good start for you to start achieving more now.

Only practice can make it perfect… even at the most trivial things.