Dreams and Goals.

Stop wondering… get results.

Over my lifetime, I have seen people struggling to do things differently.

A long time ago, I went from public to private schools. The same school where I gain a scholarship to play basketball.

At that time, I was a C student, then I changed schools and decided that my scores were miserable. I would never succeed in life’s competitive world if I kept that same scores. I wasn’t feeling good about myself. If I couldn’t pass exams, I would need to be back at the other school.

I needed to change my life to know I was responsible for my results.

It was tough.

I’ve learned that I could change my results by focusing my attention on what I want to achieve. As simple as that.

People try to change their diet and habits and give up.

They believe they need somebody else, a teacher, or an external thing to achieve their desired results.

Many are just vaguely wishing… 

But some serious people give up.

The whole point changes when you decide to take responsibility for your actions.

It’s no one’s fault.

Learn to train your brain to accomplish your dreams by transforming dreams into goals.

Many people struggle to live life with fulfillment.

To accomplish your dreams, you have to transform dreams into goals.

Set up clear objectives and tasks.

Keep track of your performance and grow.

I know it doesn’t sound romantic to achieve this level of commitment to accomplish an objective.

Many books and people inspire us to dream vaguely and wonder, and we all love wondering about futures and imagining ourselves in different scenarios and experiences.

But, if you don’t train your brain, your life becomes a mess…

The risk happens to be wondering for a distant future instead of transforming your dreams into goals and focusing on what you have to do.

They end up not achieving what they were up to.

To be more assertive, we strongly recommend you write down your dreams and transform them into monthly goals, set weekly objectives, and daily tasks to achieve the life of your dreams conceivably.

Be objective. Fight for the life you love.

Dare to live life as you most intimately wish, move things to transform knowledge into intelligence, chaos into harmony, and vagueness into focus, and you will get it.

Later in my life, when graduating from College, my friends gave me a picture where it was written. If it’s up to be. It’s up to me. In the photo, a basketball hoop, a ball, and some hands fight for a score… Ball in? Ball out?

It’s up to you.

That same picture would be hanging on my room’s wall for years as a reminder.

If it’s up to be. It’s up to me.

It’s up to you.

Stay focused.

More coming.

Marcelo Marini

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