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After completing 40 years old some people’s lives change dramatically. My case is different. I have been so dedicated to my self-improvement that I’ve been able to feel like an experienced man in the middle of my 20’s.

Before my 20’s I used to work in the facility services for Aramark Corporation, listed at NYSE as ARMK.

Before my 30’s I had been involved in innovative solutions in different sectors where I’ve been a founder, CEO, partner and director.

I had the opportunity to travel the world and also be a director, vice president, and member of the board of several Institutions.

Early my 30’s old I’ve inspired and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and businessmen.


In the last 15 years, many markets and sectors changed dramatically and as I believe, we are just getting started in a huge new economy that could change many Life’s soon. It will change the way we work, live, and the way that we relate with others.

Your Attitude

Our decision-making processes are going to be tested. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors that can see the change before it goes to the markets could earn big.

Most importantly, I’ll teach you new ways of preparing for the changes that we believe are coming.

Because success only deals with prepared people.

Last Reminder: Being a life achiever

Many people need to have a mentor or someone that can review their objectives. It can be a coach, a friend, or a mentor. Here at Factual Money we’ll provide you the possibility to learn from real experts in real-time.

The Factual Money System, which is where Corporate Finance Specialist Marcelo Marini will teach you the secrets of solid finances and a better lifestyle. If you believe that you can achieve greater results and a unique lifestyle you are invited to our outstanding program, on May, 14th. 11am|2pm EST -5.

Visit the link https://factual.money/events and become a financial achiever.

Stay tuned, stay ahead.


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