Same taboo.

Let’s take it nice and easy, it’s gonna be so easy” — Frank Sinatra. 

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Nowadays government does whatever it can to “empoorment” you.

I mean…Empowerment, right?… not, rushing would be a crime.

Most people don’t invest time in finances because they assume it’s a bad thing or that they are too lazy to deal with it… They don’t need to know it… it takes too long.

But let’s make all the stops along the way.

Your author has a different point of view…

If you wait for your mind to tell you what to do, you will be entirely off.

The Same Movement

Why doesn’t government tell you to study business?

Why don’t you get a retirement stocks plan?

Why don’t they want you to be free to invest your money?

It’s a simple question nobody asks. We question it.

The government doesn’t want you to be rich; we do do they?

When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.

Propaganda is where most people’s minds live. They know everything happening in the outside world; they learn how to spend money. 

And that’s how they feed the government.

Share Factual Money

Real Activism?

Maybe they should get into real activism… and become active learners, hard workers, active farm leaders, entrepreneurs, and business savages. Set an example.

 Instead, they do what interested parties want them to defend because it appeals to them…

Become an active improver of your results; perhaps some people will follow your example, perhaps not…

Then the history will be much different, and they would call you, arrange meetings and dinners, and invite you to Davos – not to tell your story that would be too much – …but to talk with the Empoorment leaders, politics and the people that will spend your time and money on what they see it’s crucial for you to do… not them… impressive.

Real Empowerment?

Private markets, private business, private business families, private lunch… in the competition world, no free lunch… the efficient world wouldn’t allow it.

The companies that thrive commonly have a strong balance sheet, steady earnings, and cash flow growth…

Become a free thinker. Earn your mind, brain, and actions. Turn off the propaganda, walk in the rain, suffer, thrive, and get wiser, relentless, and stronger.

What movement did these people follow to become wealthy? We don’t know, but we guess they had to earn their lives. Study how the financial world work, Reach the next level and invest wisely.


Marcelo Marini

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