Where to Invest…and the latest Trends in Space Exploration.

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Hey Google, where I can invest my money?

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One of the reasons that many people struggle financially is because they lack of understanding about investments. I mean savings and investing.

The rich is the one that spends less, has accumulated money in cash and assets, or the one that has lots of debt but is still positive (return on investment).

By being rich you’re able to have good debt that can also help you become richer.

The major problem of not learning to invest is the inability of never being able to make great investments as the majority of the people invest not to lose.

That’s a poor mentality.

You need to invest to be rich, that’s the right mentality.

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to become richer by investing in your job, business, or the financial market, even in the real state business. What matters is to know what to do when money is in your pocket.

King Tech

Facebook decided to take further steps on banning users that do not comply with its ever-changing rules. The risk is becoming what you’re trying to avoid. Watch your feed.

New Origin

New flights from earth to space. There is a huge market waiting to be unveiled as the richer nations are overcoming Covid-19 and planning to Space exploration. Many of the military industries will benefit from it as the most powerful nations will try to maintain their dominance in a new field… Many commodities may be stocked as national security materials to spacecraft, batteries, power but for now, Corn is soaring.

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