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The money maker and the business maker.

Yesterday we left you hanging…we will come back to the unemployment issues topic next week…

As for today, we will meet again to maintain the habit… of our weekly update on family business strategies and experiments… building and consolidating the family fortune (cultural and economic).

Not all money makers think about family building. We are not sure, however, our experience tells us that there are fewer money makers than business makers who do.

“it’s not personal–it’s strictly business” Michael Corleone.

We’d say: It’s not just business – it’s strictly the family business duty.

If you want to set the standards for your family’s long-term success don’t wait along the way…don’t read the fake business news nor ask a never done it consultant…you may follow Friday’s article as we will keep walking the path.

Dear subscriber,

Our approach to the family business is a long-term perspective. We’ve following this path for over 30 years and we easily see that some of the next developments will reach a sound status when we are 50 years old.

The objective is to turn what is in our possessions to our next descendants, so they may follow our lead and keep the family momentum.

It’s a duty, not a work.

Therefore we don’t like changing too much.

We prefer to keep the accounting, finances, people, products, and sales tactics and update what needs to be updated.

It’s an exercise on not doing things… and letting them tell you their stories if something is needed or not.

Sometimes the issues resolve themselves… sometimes they need someone.

The duties of a family business are much more demanding than working for a company. We’re not just responsible for our client’s satisfaction, we have obligations to the government, employees, and mostly family duties.

Working harder, working wisely, setting examples, building standards, ethics, and values, respecting each other, and behaving in a sounding way… setting the tone. Thinking before issues. Preparing before needed. 

It regards personal motivation, family determination, and cultural future rewards.

We believe it will pay off by consolidating the family business and keeping its solid/sound activity over the generations.

As we use to say we are still learning.


Marcelo Marini

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