Family Wealth

Not what banks and financial experts tells you.

Marcelo Marini, typing today from the office.

Welcome to Family Wealth, a self-exploratory way of enriching your family wealth for centuries, by not doing what the banks and financial experts tells you.

Also on a different highway, not the one that is leading civilization to horror, where families have been neglected and influencers became heroes…where the fake money media tries to destroy your sanity/mentality.

Each week we dive into some of the concepts and techniques that can help your family holdings (culture, education, values, and also assets) become stronger with time…

4 ways families destroy their wealth:

  • Comparison between children;
  • Alcohol;
  • Drugs;
  • Not having secrecy about the family.

4 ways families build wealth:

  • Investing in children’s education – not just schools;
  • Investing time with the family;
  • Investing in each individual’s skills that may contribute to the family;
  • Sharing the same vision.

There are plenty more to come… but that’s a good start, so try thinking about it… share your thoughts and family experiences.

Let’s protect families from the economic e social meltdown…


Marcelo Marini

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