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March 1st, 2021 – Factual Daily PRO – Issue 0082 – Year 3 – Factual Manhattan L.L.C. – Author: Marcelo Marini

Dear subscriber,

Get rid of the greed.

Normally someone begin investing and wants to be part of a tribe. There’s no tribe on investing. Investing is a mental thing and you can’t get to a tribe. Investment is not a sport as well, but its something you need to understand diligently, as investors, you need to know the rules and the priciples of the game. Investing is always a vehicle to a destination, not a try.

You can invest for as long as you’re alive and mentally healthy, that makes investing a anti-retire live.

Actually, alone it can make you achieve greater returns, by focusing in the long run.

You don’t want to get hurt so you need to get to the basics first, then it’s your own game and you can play as long as you want perhaps using your gifts and own analitical mind.

Reading and talking to intelligent people can help you to be wise.

Each investor is different, each investor has its own judments and experiences, our job is to have a analitical mind. Get rid of the emotions, it definitely it can help you.

Eventually, emmotions can destroy you financially.

I don’t see any changes in COVID in the short term but I know by common sense that the longer it takes the sooner it will end and an analitical investors can sit in their money for a long time… while their money is coumpound or until world moves in a direction you thought it could move.

That seems to be the case of hotel chains, the aviation sector and tourism… like we’ve been bring up to you.

Royal Carribean plummeted 70% – as written last year – and now is still 40% below it’s highest price.

You don’t need to be gready our fearless, actually you just need to use your commom sense and your analitical mind.

Get rid of the investing frenzy, learn, be wiser, happier and wealthier.

See you soon.

Marcelo Marini


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