Fire, Bombs, and Rockets

Dear reader,

Tensions have increased between the Taliban, Afghanistan, the United States and perhaps China…

The story is still in development, but it suggests a global view of the scenarios, so we have separated our view on the sectors related to wars and how to invest intelligently and in a non-traditional way.

If you want to protect your portfolio investing in this sector, please, follow our teachings. Industries used to be the best options to invest in war-related issues at war-related countries – but that’s the past.

The future is data-related to war – technology, rockets and still, guns and general supply.

It’s an easy way of correlating in your portfolio.

But don’t be silly, changes start small, never invest too much in a new sector when you don’t have the big picture, don’t try to be the most intelligent investors not to be willing to be also the foolest.

Increase portfolio monthly by making the right moves and choices.

Real the Macro, and move the ~20% of your portfolio but don’t forget the Factual Rules.

Earn money by your own choices.

When you learn about investing, you can choose wherever investments appeal to you.

If you like this topic and have signed up for Trends & Future, you can have the complete picture of investing in the sectors stated in this article.

Next article, we’ll discuss how to pick up stocks for beginners based on the Factual Method and keep teaching you to invest and behave wisely.

Move ahead, good acts, right results in life.

Think wisely, act right.



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