Fool of us…

Housing Bubble? Is Crypto Frenzy still running? Stocks overvalued?

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Marcelo Marini, typing from Santa Catarina Coast, Brazil.

People want to know… will they?

The market doesn’t want you to know that… why?

That will make them fools… they don’t like to be a fool. They want to make a fool of you…and us…

Housing Bubble? Is Crypto Frenzy still running? Stocks overvalued?

Will the stock market break new records? Depending on where you look… markers can decline on the scale of 40%…

Bug House

Why spend 800k on a house you can buy for 500k? It’s more than 300k to do whatever you want… and there’s a catch.

Most people need loans and Financing to buy their houses; with interest rates at current prices, you can quickly turn the million cost for a 500k home.

Same works when the ordinary worker buys a new car…

Green Energy

The same stuff works when buying a solar panel… that doesn’t include its Financing in the payback… 10 years will become 20 years… enough time to replace the old stuff without profit.

Green = money. Energy = Financing.

Sounds reasonable enough… most people use these failed tricks to buy what they want… will they think about it? Maybe just after they have made the purchase… that’s all right?

From a human point of view… yes, is it rational?

And there we go…connect the dots. Banks profit from green energy more than you… maybe.

Will the market tank?

Co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Associates predicted that rate hikes would drive down inflation and economic growth, sending asset markets to decline from 20% to 25%. – Bloomberg Television

They are in a bear camp… we are in the south pole.

The scale of 25%?… perhaps we created enough money for more than that… 

Don’t settle.

Stay alert.


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Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes his letters to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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