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Common problems:

  • Lack of growth;
  • Lack of profit/Solid profit;
  • Lack of time/overwhelmed business owners and teams;
  • Lack of innovation/fuel to expansion;
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Marcelo’s Experience with High-Level Business Performance:

Entrepreneur, financier, and author with more than 15 years of experience in management, corporate finance, and investments, Marini identified the importance of understanding numbers and business dynamics to have effective business management, both in times of contraction and growth , actively working to identify business, management and board inefficiencies, aiming to maximize the company’s value and profits. The same can also be observed in family and publicly traded companies. 

Marcelo Marini rose to the positions of director, vice-president and member of the board of institutions, and spoke at the Organization of American States in Washington DC, USA, Uruguay and Brazil. Marcelo also participated in courses and panels at prestigious universities, including FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Stanford University and University of Berkeley. In 2020, Marcelo Marini left direct acting and founded Ciclos Infinitos Holdings.

Cycles Membership

Well-managed companies. Solid companies. Solid finances.

The 4 phases of a company’s success, combined with the best of management and corporate finance, with more than 15 years of experience reveal a much easier path to look inside organizations and determine what needs to be done to grow your business, improve your margins, and make more profit, with less stress and tensions!

Today companies come to me to grow and take more profits. They are people in business who want to increase their profits, they want to make more money in their own company, something I also did in my own career and advised companies of different sizes and sectors to do the same. Growing a few million, improving administration, and converting it into profit.