How to Choose a Brokerage Firm


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Welcome to this Factual’s Specials Series of Learning to Invest.

In the last episode, we taught you how to open a brokerage account; some of you asked us how to CHOOSE the best brokerage firm to invest in stocks.

So, let’s hold the How to Invest in Stocks for beginners subject to the next episodes.

This article is prepared specially for our subscribers who are willing to invest in stocks, funds, REITs, commodities, cryptos, and more but still didn’t sign up for the Truth About Money classes nor the Factual Method.

How to Choose a Brokerage Firm; Specially developed to Factual Method Students.

  1. Time in business;
  2. Brokerage Firm reputation in the market;
  3. Costs related to transactions;
  4. Platform experience to users;
  5. Support.

Next article, we’ll share our teachings about How to Choose a Broker in ways you can move off the table the things that distract you from your objective.

Move ahead. Good acts make the right results in life.

Think wisely, act right.



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