How to create multiple sources of income.

Over the last 15 years, I started reading and studying ways of becoming wealthier; I went to build new businesses, products, and services and created much more sources of income than I had ever imagined. The magic of creating new sources of income is that many of them will need to be made once, and it will work for as long as your idea, product, or service is helpful to others.

Money is just an idea. 

Why that? Thoughts, thinking, and ideas are free. Ideas have built all the wealth you see materialized on this planet.

From Airplanes to Sky-rockets. All have been created by the human mind and conceived for those who have deep belief and faith in what their vision told them to do. Even if the odds aren’t in your favor. 

The miracle is that you can change a life from where you are, and it all starts with your thoughts and actions.

Anyone can live the life they want if they develop a certain mindset, mostly vision, working diligently at it.

The proof is that you are just about to start creating new and multiple sources of income by applying what I just taught you.

Here’s my short intro:

Marcelo Marini (International Entrepreneur, investor, leader, speaker, and author) will walk you through the insights, hacks, methodologies, and strategies that he had shared only with his close community, including world-class entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and investors from more than 30 countries in the last 15 years to live a wealthier, healthier, and better life.

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Welcome to the How to Create Multiple Sources of Income Strategy By Factual Manhattan.

What this Formula will do for you:

  • Create new streams of income;
  • Create multiple streams of income;
  • Bring money to your pocket;
  • Extra money to invest;
  • Extra money to save;
  • Extra money to buy what you want;
  • Extra money to help a cause;
  • More liberty;
  • More independence;
  • You won’t have to work in something you don’t see yourself working in the future;
  • Live a better life;
  • Live a wealthier life;
  • Live a happier life;
  • Teach your children and family how to create their own;
  • Will bring you instantly innovative ideas to start;
  • Will bring you a sense of faith in what you can accomplish, starting now.

What to do:

  • Imagine, Create, Act.

First, you need to imagine, use your vision (previously developed here) to think about where do you want to go, and then list all the new streams that you can create; we are going to help you bring Factual’s list:

  1. Invest in Stocks;
  2. Invest in ETFs;
  3. Invest in REITs;
  4. Invest in Penny Stocks;
  5. Invest in Cryptocurrency;
  6. Invest in Real Estate;
  7. Rent something you own;
  8. Create a second, third product or service that your company, the company you work for, or you can benefit from;
  9. Start a new business;
  10. Venture a new business with a partner;
  11. Sell your ideas to your friends, partners, and family;
  12. Create a course;
  13. Write and sell a book, song, movie script;
  14. Record audio products (books, music, draws) and sell them;
  15. Register a patent or a brand;
  16. Help someone else achieve their goal and earn from it;
  17. Create a new service (Ex: YouTube Channel);
  18. Find a second job and terceirize it with someone;
  19. Create a new product;
  20. Try affiliate marketing (sell & recommend services like books and stuff door-to-door, by phone and online (Example: Uber, Amazon, Airbnb & many more);
  21. Create a subscription service;
  22. Start a franchise;
  23. Publish something in the public domain;
  24. Automate your job/service/work.

First Tier Skills needed:

  • Choose the Multiple Streams of Income;
  • Study those you selected;
  • Plan and create it.

Second Tier Skills needed:

  • Start earning, or;
  • Publish, talk, meet, and continuously show your product to those who can benefit from it.

My advice:

  • Start it now;
  • Even the small steps will make it worth when the first dollars come in;
  • Keep up the excellent job; your mind is your limit.

Do Less:

  • Don’t ask questions for those who haven’t done it before;
  • Don’t look for someone else’s approval;
  • Don’t ever try to do something thinking in working less or because it can be easy. Always think about you can serve/help more people, teh results will be astoning.

Do More:

  • Act;
  • Make sure you are not infringing any laws, images, patents, or property.


How to solve a problem without procrastination.

Ideas are unlimited. Next time you have a problem/issue, try to write it down on paper, put it on your desk, and start thinking about the possible solutions to it. If you can’t believe in anything, start asking mentally what your idols or admired persons would do to solve it. List as many ideas as you can, then start working on its solution. You’ll know where to start.

Smart people focus on the solution, think wisely, act right, good actions bring fantastic results in life.




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