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Dear student,

In every aspect of life, insecurity can make you lose relationships, time, and money.

The feeling of insecurity is widespread, and you have to deal with it with courage.

Many people feel insecure about things, especially new ventures, new ideas, recent developments, self-improvement, creativity, interpersonal communication, and investments.

Mainly, people feel insecure before starting something new as a new experience. However, insecurity is a mental thing, and you can overcome it.

You need to know about insecurity because it shows that you are in development, working, and researching in a new field or subject, and this feeling helps you move further to the source of knowledge you are seeking.

Many people feel alone or without a path; this situation shows that you don’t have sufficient information to research independently.

Nowadays, people feel that they only need to Google something or visit YouTube and start shuffling videos until it’s time to move to another thing – not completely satisfied and mostly lost.

It’s what happens when you are heading to a destination that you know the final destination solely.

Imagine yourself traveling from New York to Miami without a map… entering every city to check and ask if you are on the right road… How long does this travel would take?

That way, you need to have a map that shows you the direction AND HOW to get where you want to get safely.

Here’s how to help you feel better again:

  • Meditate about your objectives and try your best to be planned and organized as much as possible.
  • Progress is made by discipline, prefer to keep your efforts for longer periods than short ones.
  • Find a good teacher.
  • Find a good mentor.

Independently if you started this journey two years ago or are a beginner, remember that we follow a path that leads us to more prosperity and a better life.

Our objective is to enjoy the teachings as part of your journey; remember that your journey is your final destination. Therefore, to prevent any insecurity, we founded a path that is the simplest way of enjoying the journey and living well.

Our teachings are followed from beginners to advanced. So if you are insecure and not lost, you can follow our instructions and find the right path.

But if you are insecure and lost, we highly recommend that you talk to us to help you find the way of keeping the learning momentum with energy and discipline.

We recommend that you study 30 minutes a day or contact our platform 5 minutes per day as a good start. Then, the path is ready and only depends on you walk your way and share your doubts with us weekly if you want to.


  1. Listen to the book club weekly and read our selected articles.
  2. Start the classes.
  3. Join the Weekly Program if you are willing to do more.


1.Watch the classes and hear the Member’ exclusive Podcasts. 
2. Follow the written teachings weekly. 
3. Keep up the weekly Programs.


  1. Follow the written teachings weekly.
  2. Follow our recent publications in audio and video that are sent to you weekly by e-mail.
  3. Please send your questions to us.
  4. Schedule a talk with us when you need to. 
  5. Keep reading the Factual Macro monthly.

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We are here to help you along the way.

Think wisely, act right.



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About the author: Marcelo Marini Studant PRO

Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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