How to lead your field.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve been leading every field I wanted. So here are my secret-hidden secrets to help you lead your field fast.

Here’s my short intro:

Marcelo Marini (World-Class Serial Entrepreneur, investor, world traveler, leader, and author) will walk you through the insights, hacks, methodologies, and strategies that he had shared only with his close community, including world-class entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and investors from more than 30 countries in the last 15 years to live a wealthier, healthier, and better life.

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Welcome to the Lead your Field Formula from Factual Club.

What this Formula will do for you:

  • An easy way to lead your field.
  • Clear focus.
  • Don’t lose time.
  • Don’t lose energy.
  • Be a leader in every area you want.

What to do:

  • Study, work and networking.

First Tier Skills needed:

  • Learn;
  • Read;
  • Study;
  • Practice: Work.

Second Tier Skills needed:

  • Sales.
  • Influence.
  • Time-management.

What to do / Steps:

  1. Develop a learning habit for at least 1h30 daily.
  2. Learn in multiple ways: Books, Movies, Podcasts, AudioBooks, Conversations, Chat, and Special Magazines.
  3. Become a super learner, use all your free time to maintain your learning thou audio when driving, running, walking, on the beach, and working.
  4. Write down a plan of who you’re going to learn from.
  5. Create a schedule of time management to study daily.
  6. Start sharing your insights. Write essays for your studies.
  7. Be consistent and focused.

My advice:

  • Focus your attention on upgrading your mind muscles by using your mind to learn and be a learning sponge.
  • Learn from the best in your field, preferably those who taught the best in your area. Go straight to the source and don’t lose time with marketing experts. 
  • Share your thoughts in a notebook or audio record.
  • Don’t show off. Know what you are doing and show service to others unintentionally.
  • Keep constant focus for more than 66 days to automatize your routine.
  • Find someone you admire to follow his learning path and modeling (not copying).
  • Pray sincerely for God and ask for guidance in your next steps.

Do Less:

  • Stop reading or interacting with subjects that are not your goal.
  • Don’t share your experiences with people you don’t have 100% trust or those who won’t cooperate with your purpose.

Do More:

  • Develop sucess showcases.
  • Share results (client success stories when you have it).
  • Conquer your fears by participate in meetings, events, programs, and courses related to your field and show your progress naturally – things start happening when the time comes.
  • Trust the process.

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