Illusions make the man

As we may be changing the primary trend the opposite of prosperity… when businesses have less revenue, less profit, fewer employees, and more consumers have less buying power to buy something they want… it makes this author think… 

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Are we still making time for what’s wrong?

People in general spend their lives concerned with what can go wrong.

Wrong view

Investors in general are concerned with what’s wrong with the markets… still there are more than 5000 stocks to pick… will every business enter the downturn?

Government is a thematic most business owners and investors like to focus their attention… as a physical thing it doesn’t exist, they are just a mind concept, generally focusing on the wrong view of society, the limit, the lack, the emptiness, instead of solutions, real problem-solving…

It’s not a good use of virtue.

Some companies are run in the same way, they focus on problem-solving, not getting into the real solutions. Generation over generation. Isn’t it a mind problem? A wrong way of viewing society? Although everybody has seen it… the wrong way.

Problems are many, you have to focus on the solution.

Wrong Perspective

But more importantly, you have to see the world, government, entities, companies, and groups of individuals with a new perspective.

Are they really focusing on the solution? 

Most businesses are poorly run, they don’t have clear goals, plans, objectives, KPIs, and routines, and they are left to the random walk of humankind.

As companies are a result of how people in the companies think… we can guess they also don’t have this view…

What can go wrong?

In truth, everything… business is more about people’s egos and power than customers, satisfaction, and realization… that’s why so many businesses are in bad shape financially.

Owners, directors, and managers are more concerned with what can go wrong than what can go right.

When it goes wrong… it goes right.

When downturns come, people need to focus their attention on what really matters, it’s a good thing.

More coming.

Marcelo Marini

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Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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