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Weekly thought-provoking works on essential topics such as independent thinking, business, and financial subjects aim to redefine your way of thinking. With over 20,000 readers in more than 15 countries, Marcelo Marini’s perspective is unique and engaging, delving into uncommon but useful ideas across topics essential for your knowledge, wealth, wisdom, present, and future.

His weekly, deep, thought-provoking works are a must-read for better navigating the world with an unparalleled vantage in life, business, and finance. They offer an opportunity to escape illusions, create wealth, and think independently. Marcelo Marini will teach you to redefine your way of thinking for maximum results in life, business, and finance. (Subscription needed).

For over six years, Marcelo Marini has faithfully penned his thoughts to his readership, and students, on a weekly basis. With a global footprint, he has published over 400 editions for readers, in more than 15 countries. Presently, this is the sole location where one can find his complete works.


Selected quotes by the author.

If you don’t train your brain your life becomes a mess. – Marcelo Marini

Don’t matter where you are. Your mind is your limit. – Marcelo Marini


Live like a hero. To be born is rare. – Marcelo Marini

We are here to be present. Everything is much better when we are. – Marcelo Marini

Achieving a full life depends on the ability to manage your senses and thoughts. – Marcelo Marini

We become what we constantly place our attention on. – Marcelo Marini

Our current results are the result of paradigms. If we want to change our results we have to change paradigms. – Marcelo Marini

You can’t change what you’ve lived, but you can change what you’re going to live. – Marcelo Marini

Life offers a bright future for those who don’t persist in what doesn’t bring well-being for them. – Marcelo Marini

Your mind is your world, take care of it – Marcelo Marini

About Independent Thinking.

Independent Thinking is a precise model of thought designed by the author Marcelo Marini. It enables individuals to tap into new potential by understanding its concepts and engaging in a structured system of techniques, moving them closer to achieving their ideals and living a happier, more profound life daily, with precise detail.

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It pays to think independently.