The Independent Thinking Newsletter

I started writing to share what I have learned in life.
We don’t live here forever… so why keep things that can make real progress in one’s life adventure?

Presence was the first title I wrote, back in 2015…

At the time I was a bit shy and also scared of sharing my thoughts with people. I think you understand…

I shared my aspiration of writing and sharing what I’ve learned with a great friend, business partner, and mentor and he encouraged me to publish.

It was very important to have that kind of encouragement, so I kept writing weekly…

Now we sum up a community of more than 20,000 readers in 4 continents.

Although it’s good to write… what gives more pleasure is to see people applying the insights and replying to my e-mails where I share the best insights and tools for FREE.

My objective is to help you achieve personal freedom, and independence and become happier.

This has a great impact on our lives. 

I think I was inspired by Stanford’s University slogan: Change People. Change Organizations. Change the World. 

Isn’t it a great inspiration to live life?

So, feel free to read and share with friends and family.

Be part of the community and stay tuned to the next live events.

Believe something can be achieved and it will.

If you don’t train your brain your life becomes a mess. – Marcelo Marini

Don’t matter where you are. Your mind is your limit. – Marcelo Marini


Live like a hero. To be born is rare. – Marcelo Marini

We are here to be present. Everything is much better when we are. – Marcelo Marini

Change your attitude. Change your results. – Marcelo Marini

Achieving a full life depends on the ability to manage your senses and thoughts. – Marcelo Marini

Our current results are the result of paradigms. If we want to change our results we have to change paradigms. – Marcelo Marini


These 4 SIMPLE TOOLS can help you and your organization to think independently, correct your paths, and allow your mind to freely create, imagine, and achieve what you most desire.

Marcelo’s Experience as an Author:

Although Marcelo Marini has 15 years of experience as an Entrepreneur & financier, he became an Author in 2015 to share his thoughts with his community and the people around him. He had this insight after he started his “self-development” journey. A “shift” that made him begin to live a better life and today more people have the opportunity to experience it.

Marcelo Marini rose to the positions of director, vice-president, and member of the board of institutions, and spoke at the Organization of American States in Washington DC, USA, Uruguay, and Brazil. Marcelo also participated in courses and panels at prestigious universities, including FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Stanford University, and the University of Berkeley.

The Independent Thinking Newsletter

Marcelo Marini, entrepreneur, financier, and author, shares his uncommon, thought-provoking thoughts, on essential topics such as personal freedom, independence, and lifestyle, that more than 20,000 readers read on 4 continents.

Marcelo’s perspective is unique and engaging, and his teachings are geared toward informing and educating readers and students about uncommon topics worth knowing for your wealth, happiness, wisdom, and future.

His thought-provoking teachings seek to help individuals navigate the world with knowledge and better decision-making, not only creating wealth but essentially, living a better life. Daring to dream and achieving your full potential.

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