Crypto show is over?

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CANCUN, MEXICO – According to this as previously written here, it’s better to diversify your investments before you need it.

“The mistake is the lack of this.
Another mistake is the excess of this”.

Bitcoin show is over?

Bitcoin and Gold

I wrote that regarding lack of diversification before saying that Bitcoin could hit $ 50,000 in the following few days (that has happened less than ten days after).

We also said that before Tesla bought Bitcoins and said they could accept it as payment.

Also, we had been accepting four cryptocurrencies as payment before Tesla.

Is Elon reading our newsletters?

Recent Changes

Here are some recent changes in the crypto outlook. (some of them are old overviews, as our daily readers may notice)

1. Things don’t go up forever.

2. I‘m expecting a 50% downside and possibly 300% upside.

3. Bitcoin lost power at $60K (read number 1).

4. Issue 64 reports that the economy is recovering and that make institutional investors review their positions from Tech and Crypto adoption is a shade talk right now.

5. It’s more about people’s behavior them the price of Bitcoin. As written here, it’s a frenzy, and it needs optimism to keep buying something and selling for more than you have paid.

6. Elon anticipated a correction based on 1 and 5.

Don’t follow others

Someone said Bitcoin is a product of China… now China restrict institutional investors of transacting Bitcoin… surely they wanna make their digital RMB stronger. Don’t follow others mantra…precisely right?

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Stay tuned, stay ahead.


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