It’s time to spend!

The economy is failing…

The time has come; Christmas is coming! Good times! Time to celebrate, no question about that!

But people, well, some things change…

A vast number of people is expected to get into the city in the following days. 

Now we take a plus 1-hour traffic to get where we want… supermarkets are stocked, people on streets, stores, commercial hours extended.

Why? To buy Christmas gifts! To sell your soul to the end of the year’s propaganda and start the year struggling and lazy…

Truth be told. The economy is failing, businesses are failing, people are struggling, and the government is failing to govern.

Dear reader.

People are the center of all organizations, and they think, but they don’t discern. Why?

It’s time-consuming to regain education, and we need to dis-educate the world from the time they spend listening to bad advice, bad news, family judgment, outside approval, bankers, politicians, influencers, stock brokers, and the like!

Brokers are struggling too. We can imagine them… calling a hundred people daily to sell stocks they don’t own to earn money via commission to pay the expenses they own. Oh well!

When businesses are in good shape, people have reasonable expectations about the future, the economy is booming, the bull arrives, and it’s so easy to do whatever it takes…

No need to question it, but still, we doubt it. We question it! The Whole economy is about to collapse, but it’s Christmas time!

Let’s imagine you want to skip your stock broker’s call sometime in the following year… here’s a guide to get to real facts. Perhaps it may be needed…

No sane decision is made emotionally.


Marcelo Marini.

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Marcelo Marini is a businessman, financier, and author. He writes the Independent Thinking Newsletter to more than 20,000 readers in 15 countries.

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