Learning Path

NEW YORK – Today we’ll talk about your learning path and curve and how it can make you a more advanced learner.

Learning Path

With more than a thousand students and learners, I discovered that each path is singular, so the more experienced the teacher, the better the student.

The learning path defines your journey as a learner. I like to use the words learner and student because, in the end, we are really a learning species. That makes us wiser depending on the thoughts, intentions, groups, and others.

First, you’ll need to acknowledge that you are here to learn and prepare yourself to achieve more financially, with your family, in your business, and your lifestyle. Simply acknowledging you are a student or a learner opens up communication channels between us.

How to Make it

From respect comes loyalty and from loyalty comes long-term relationships, so don’t be eager to learn fast, but prepare yourself to learn constantly. Sit in the front if you can. Hear others, read texts, listen to the podcasts, ask questions, fine-tune into your learning, your way, always a new way.

Being a Advanced Student

Advanced students ask the simplest questions and more profound ones. They read a lot, learn a lot, watched many courses, listened to hundreds of podcasts, and then make high-impact questions that can definitely change their views, lives, or situations. You know when you are an advanced student when you start to have insights.

Helping you Learn

Today’s Book Club dive into the Presence and Philosophy of Marcelo Marini and Rafaela book study, you are more than welcome to come.

Stay ahead.


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